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Who had polyhydramnios???

Am I right in thinking one of us Dec mums had excess fluid??? My very good friend's just been told she may have it and is papping it! She's posted on pg forum under excess fluid??? by Zoe31 - please reply to help her out if you had it! Cheers girls!


  • Yea that was me hun, I'll go have a look xxx
  • Cheers Amy! She was at mine yest b4 her mw appt and we were commenting on her rather large bump! Thought I'd read about one of us lot having it...
    She's going for a scan next week and will more than likely have planned c sec 2 wk early as her 1st was big 8lb 11, and this one certainly looks it!
  • Bless her, I answered her in pg forum. I had my planned c section the day before I was due and Holly was 8lbs 14.5ozs! Glad I didn't have to push her out lol Is your friend hoping for a c section?
  • Yes - she'd like one, preferably 2 week before her due date! She had glucose test for gest diabetes last week. I can't wait either - a play mate for Gracie too, our boys play together so I'm so happy she's having a girl!
    I agree, getting Gracie out at 8lb 10 was bad enough and she's my third...been there, stretched a bit!!!
    Thanks for your reply!
  • I hope she gets the section she is after image I tried to get the consultant to do mine at 38wks but he wouldnt lol I suppose every area is different though! Sounds like she is being well looked after, they never sent me for a glucose test because they said it would have been too late to do anything about it, not sure I believe that though! I really hope everything works out for your mate and that Gracie soon has a her wee play mate! xxx
  • They should listen to us mummies...I knew Gracie was much bigger than my boys and if I'd have gone over I would have begged for an earlier induction...was petrified of havin a c sec!
    Our mat dept at hosp is very good I think, I have no room to complain. It's on news today that lots aren't giving the care needed and after reading birth stories on here I can believe it. It's such a shame. x
  • Glad to hear your one of the lucky ones with a good maternity unit, my consultant was fantastic just the aftercare that let it down for me! Some of the stories we hear are truely awful and would put you off having more kids, heres hoping that the relevant people sit up, listen and do something about it!
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