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Snacks for labour?

Hi all, am new here -
was wondering, what snacks are you taking/did you take to your birth centre or hospital to eat during labour?




  • hi Maria

    i still dont know wat snacks i'll be takin but make sure u dont take anything that is red/black. my mw told me if i take any drinks i was to make sure its clear drinks because if ur sick and the sick is red/black the mws at the hospital wouldn't know if ur beenin up blood.
    All the best fiona xxx
  • Lucozade was all I had and it was great, but I had equal amouts of water too. I really did not feel like eating.
  • i took high energy snacks and lucozade but wasnt allowed to eat due to epidural. not that i minded, even before the epidural the pain was like when i get period pain which makes me feel sick and lose my appetite. i didnt eat for about 38 hours apparently! oh take fruit as well helps hydrate u , and stuff for ur oh/birthng partner xx
  • i would say take what ever you normally snack on, but be warned you probably wont eat it, although will be good for your birthing partner. I was in so much pain i felt sick, there is no way i could have eaten a thing. I was starving afterwards and scoffed the tea and toast the midwives brought us. good luck with everything. X
  • hi. sometimes the mw will advise you not to eat, but if you do get abit peckish, i always took a mars bar in with me and just nibbled it all through the labour. and a can of coke and just sip it. but water is probably best. after giving birth i always get very shaky so i have a can of coke for the sugar. xxxx
  • Thanks all, that's pretty useful, I think you're right and I won't fancy eating much at all anyway but it's good to know what others have been doing!
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