Twins - One not growing properly?

Hi everyone,

My friend is 20 weeks pregnant with twins and at a scan yesterday found that one of them isn't growing as it should be as he is not getting enough from the placenta.

They have gone to see a specialist today.

I have never heard of this before but just wondered if any of you have?

Do you know what will happen? This sounds pretty serious to me and don't want to talk to my friend about it just yet as I don't think she realises how serious this could be.

Thank you,

Amy 36 Weeks xxxxx


  • Hi my friend had this and sadly lost the 1 twin, the other then was given a 70% chance of having disabilities but was born a happy healthy baby and is now 6mths old and doing well. Its sad but its important to remember everyone is different. x
  • Ive got a funny feeling I read an article in a mag recently about this and am pretty sure it had a positive outcome. It was with identical twin boys.
    Am sure with "the miracles of modern science" that as it has been found early enough then they can monitor/assist".
    Hope your friend is ok xxxxx
  • Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your replies.
    Yes they are identical boys.
    I still haven't heard from her about how it went at the hospital today but hope it wasn't bad news.
    I'll tell her to sign up to this website as you guys are so great and always help me out when I have a problem!

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