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maternity leave

hi everyone

i was just wondering if anyone was thinking about going back to work or how long you had left? its starting to worry me already even though i dont have to find another job until july and im training to be floirist on and off so hopefully that will be my proper job eventually. i know ive got ages yet but i dont want to leave my babies ever!! to be honest we can afford for me not to work but i want to be independant a little bit, i know im really lucky to be able to stay at home if i want to, but i want abit of everything!

i think ive started worrying cus loads of people have asked 'when you going back to work' and 'who wil have the boys?' and all im thinking is hold on a minute just let me enjoy being a mum for the 2nd time, god people really bug me with there bloody questions. like does it matter to them when i will going to back to work.

sorry for ranting xx


  • I'll go back at start of next school year and will prob be ready for it tbh! My childminder's brill and I know Gracie'll be in good hands as my boys were. Alfie'll be in nursery as 3 in Oct.
    I'm hoping hubby gets a deputy job tho so I can do part time again. Did pt when went back after having Alfie but started ft again this Sept so benefited from full mat pay and only actually worked 5wks!
    I'm lucky that I enjoy my job lol. Love being off but will need the money and the sanity?! 30 kids in a class are easier than my own at times!!!
  • I'm lucky too in that we are surviving off my ohs money so I don't have to go back to work (although the extra money would be nice!). I only worked part time over here teaching English and I have an evening class starting at the end of March that I agreed to do before I had Brendan. Really wishing I hadn't now even though its only 2hrs one evening a week and my oh will be back from work to look after Brendan.
    My oh wants to start trying for another baby in September which I have kind of agreed to as long as we only try for a short period of time so that if I was to have a second baby I would be due the end of June/ beginning of July so that he would be on his summer hols (he is a teacher) to help me with a baby and a toddler!! Would mean he would have 7 weeks summer hols and then 6 weeks paternity leave to take which would make it much easier for me.

    Anyone else thinking about another baby yet or am I totally crazy?!!

    L xxx
  • Hey Liz - you're not totally crazy as we want to start trying for another baby pretty soon too. We've always wanted a small age gap, so we're thinking of starting to try in July (Amy will be 7 months old by then). We'll just see what happens, we were really lucky and conceived quickly with Amy but we might not be so lucky second time around.

    As for returning to work, I'm not due back till December but have made the decision not to return to my old job as just too stressful and too far away. I'd like to work and may do part time but I am very fortunate in that I don't have to and obviously if I get pg again then I won't!
  • Go for it! Last but not least for us....however, we watched the film 'Knocked Up' last night and hubby got all sentimental saying rather sadly, 'aww, I won't see you like that again' (ie with a bump)!!! Keep him away!
    Think we need to move to Norway then only my hub'd have to teach. You're very lucky! The night school will be fine, a bit of time
    off for you that you'll more than likely enjoy. x
  • Glad I'm not totally crazy!! =) xx
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