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Baby Hair Loss

Has anyone else's lo's lost any hair?

Amy was born with dark hair all over her head and in the last week it has all gone from her fringe back to her crown (I've gone back over all the photo's we've taken just to make sure!). So she now has a lovely receding hairline like her Daddy!
Also it has gone a lot lighter ('m very dark haired and hubby is fair).

Is this normal??


  • Philip has lost side bits on top of his head but kept his Gremlin Stripe as we call it, he has some really fine hair starting to grow around his hairline but does look like he's receding! He was born blond but now has a hint of red to it, dad is dark but was born blond and i am a redhead! hopefully he'll carry on following his daddy!
  • Hi, I had a friend round the other day who has a 1yr old and she warned me not to be surprised if this happened as her little boy lost nearly all his hair within the first month or so, he now has a lot of lovely blonde curls!!

    So don't worry think its totally normal.

    L x
  • Sorry, know this is a bit different but Alfie has hair on the tops of his ears! I warned hubby that if the hair doesnt fall out then out come the scissors! I am so wicked!
  • My little girl has a full head of dark curls and has had since birth. I really hope she doesn't lose it as it gets us lots of attention when out and about! Love the gremlin stripe comment!!
  • I think most babies lose bits of their hair, mainly at the back where they rub against their cot. 1st son did this, 2nd son had spiky hair like he'd been electricuted and didn't lose any of it! Gracie's is v similar to ds1 but hers curls when wet - so cute!
    All 3 were born dark and boys turned golden blondey colour in 1st 6 month or so. Can see lighter bits shining in Gracie's hair so think she'll change too (mine's blondey brown and hub's is light brown). Can't wait for it to grow so I can style it!
    Hairy ears and gremlins....! Love the curls campbelly!
  • oh god ryan dont stand a chance, has the gremlin stripe, hairy ears..... and his dad has a monobrow...!!!
  • All that and he still looks delicious!
  • haha, my lo has hairy ears too - and hairy ankles!! His hair has thinned out where he lies on it in his moses basket too!
  • my lo has really hairy shoulders. has loads of hair on the back of his head but def looks like it's receeding on top now. My obsession tho is with his ears they're really pointy like an elfs!! and still showing no signs of rounding off
  • I think all of our babies look gorgeous regardless of how hairy (or not) they are!

    Amy had hairy ears when she was born but they soon went (we called them Wooky ears!!)

    Thanks for all your comments, I'm just hoping that Amy's hair starts growing on top soon!

  • cole is getting a bald spot from where he lies on it poor boy. the top is getting longer now - if i don't brush it he has a mini mohican!!

    I read somewhere that babies born with hair can go a bit bald cause their hair when born is all on the same growth cycle so it all falls out at the same time but then settles into different growth cycles..dunno how right this is though
  • I have to say, i love alfies little hairy ears!
    Rachel-your right, they are all beautiful babies, hair or no hair!
    Im just pleased alfie takes after me on the hair (head!) front-his dad is bald!
  • The top of Hollys hair has fallen out and is coming in blonde but at the back of her head its still think and dark! Very strange lol
  • That is exactly the same as Amy's expect there aren't any signs of new hair coming through just yet!
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