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A Show? Advice please!

Hello there,
Im booked in for a csection on Thurs due to breech baby however when i went to the loo earlier when i wiped myself the toilet paper was very definitely very pink! It wasnt mucusy in anyway though, now with my previous baby i had my show and there was no mistaking what it was but this has left me rather confused. Ive been having tightnings for days so theyre nothing out of the ordinary, i just dont know what to do, i spent 4 hours in hospital Thurs and Fri having scans and trying to turn baby and i am wary of showing up there again especially if its nothing and quite frankly dont want to have to sit around. but then dont fancy giving birth naturally to a breech lo!

Is a show always mucusy? I keep needing to wee, does that mean anything? Youd think having done this before i would have half a clue!


  • hi apparently a shoe does not have to be mucusy it can just be pink watery stuff i asked the same question on here last week as am 36/2 and thought id had a show hope this helps x x
  • hi. i would def phone the mat unit for some advice, it could also be a sign of a little infection, hope you are ok and things go ok for you.xxxx
  • Hi,
    I waited for a little bit and it definitely was a show as it changed colour and substance a couple of hours later, went to the mat unit and they admitted me due to being 2cms, tightenings and previous 2hr labour and being breech but everything slowed down so due to having a 2 and half year old to look after and a completely inept oh i discharged myself, im back in this arvo for meeting with anaethetist and registrar etc re csection on thurs, we'll see i suppose, its all quiet at the mo though, thankfully i suppose!
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