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have you experianced this with your little one?

i feel really sorry for my little one, :cryimagehe hates being winded and tense up when i try to. every night betwween one and three she seems to be in so much pain, she screams crys and nothing i try will stop her.i gave her a dummy which settles her for a while she will fall asleep for a few mintues then start scraeming in pain again.should i just leave her to cry in her basket? (i feel so cruel if i did but nothing i do seems to help) or pick her up and hold her close. its horrible seeing her in so much pain. anybody got any tips or ideas of what i could try to sooth her? thanks


  • Hi,

    My lo had very bad wind when he was first born and I would spend hours winding him and most nights he just wouldn't settle! Some midwives said not to use anything like infacol as I was bf and some said it would be fine so I used it for a week and it made such a difference - he brought up his wind almost instantly and now he winds really well after 3 weeks of no infacol. Occassionally he wakes up in the night with tummy ache so I just rub his tummy which generally settles him - other than that if he's really bad I lay him on my chest and pop him back in his basket once he's settled.

    Good luck!
  • hi ashbabes, have u tried just walking around holding her upright and bouncing a little. ryan doesnt like it sometimes so i carry on feeding him and when he is full he lets me do it. if i sit him forwards to do it and rub his back he does sometimes go rigid and lean back making it ridiculously hard to wind him, and quite dangerous as he is strong!

    i also walk up and down the stairs with him lol! seems to move it. ...or play row your boat when having a cuddle....

    hope this helps

    holly xxx
  • Hi there - I say Infacol all the way.
    I've given it to Amy since she was about 2 weeks old and we now have no trouble winding her and she doesn't get distressed at all.
    I also fine that standing up with Amy on my shoulder and firmly rubbing her back seems to soothe her and bring her wind up really quickly.
    Hope this helps
  • i've been using infacol with my lo and it's made such a difference. brings his wind up straight away now soon as u sit him up. before he'd really scream when trying to pass wind.
  • thanks everyone. i just try d walking about while winding her worked straight away. thanks
  • How old is your lo? - if over 1 month you can try gripe water.... infacol only worked for a short time with Bryn but gripe water really helps to settle him. x
  • Thats strange-infacol didnt work for Alfie. He didnt wind any better than before we gave it to him. He was really sick on it as well. As soon as we stopped giving it to him he was winding a lot better and a lot quicker.
    A lot of people have been recommending something called coleaf (dont know if this is the right spelling?!). Its about ??9 over the counter but apparently you can get it on prescription. Hope this helps
  • I use colief with Holly and its great, you just add a few drops to every feed. I tried infacol and a few others before finally settling with colief xxx
  • I use colief with Holly and its great, you just add a few drops to every feed. I tried infacol and a few others before finally settling with colief xxx
  • Philip was really bad at a couple of days old, just couldn't bring his wind up so we used infacol, at 4 weeks we gave him gripe water but he wasn't any better, from 4pm till midnight he would scream constantly, unless he was attached to boob, which also seemed constant! when screaming he brings his legs right up and puts his hands into a fist and punches out.

    So infacol & gripe water didn't work so we tried Dentinox Colic stuff which didn't work and he didn't like the taste of (he loved infacol & gripe water taste!) so i bought so colief, it's like having a different baby, he's happy and contented for most of the evening, until about 10pm when he has bed time bottle (bf rest of time) and he's now a pleasure to have, i was starting to get really stressed and upset as i coulnd't stand seeing him in pain, but no more, we started colief on friday and since saturday he's been brilliant. Pharmacist here told me i could get them on prescription but sil said her dr's wouldn't do it, but i'm with a different surgery with a dr who's very much a "if they need it i'll prescribe it" even gave me gaviscon when pregnant which most dr's round here won't do.

    Sorry, i've rambled a bit, it's a need for adult conversation! oh is on lates this week and i'm lonely as Philip had an early night!
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