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looking good. loving the mom and son position


  • I just wondered if you have any sort of routine going, or planned? I try to feed holly at 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm and 3am. It rarely works like that though. She isnt too bad at sleeping from 11pm to 3am but from the 7pm feed to 10pm she is wide awake, then not impressed about being woken an hour later (all be it a very quiet and quick feed). I wondered how much milk (if youre giving formula) you are giving and when and what your little ones waking and sleeping habits are,
    Sorry if this seems really nosey, i just feel like holly does what she wants when she wants! And although there is nothing wrong with that i would like to have atleast a decent plan on whats happening and when!

    Thanks in advance! Sarah x
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