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How to know how much expressed milk to give in a bottle???

Hi any help welcome

I am expressing milk regularly to freeze so that if hubbie and I go out and leave lo babysat (not for a while but thinking ahead) there is milk there to give as feeds. But how do you know how much to give in a bottle? Does it depend how much they weigh? How do you work it out???

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  • It depends on lo's age. A newborn has roughly 3-4 oz of formula every 3-4 hours then as they get older they have more milk but less frequently. So, it depends on how long you are out for and the age. You can defrost ebm quite quickly in boiling water if need be so if you don't leave enough whoever is babysitting can do that if necessary or just leave more than you think you will need if you don't mind throwing any that is left away if it is not used (so maybe 8oz if you're out for a few hours) hope that helps x
  • at 4 months ollie was taking 4 oz every 3 to 4 hours, so i put about 5 oz in every frozen feed to make sure if he wanted that extra oz he had it, or it was only 1 oz thrown away if he didnt.

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