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Please PLEASE Help... Advice Needed RE FOOD!!!

Aimee is 11 months old and I have no idea how much food she should be having. How much is your little ones having. I know ever baby is different but if you could give me a break down of what the eat during the day and the potion sizes i would be really grateful

Thank u xxx


  • hi karla

    my lo is nearly 14months but quite a small eater.

    she has

    1 weetabix with milk - breakfast
    some grapes or other fruit for snack
    lunch can be a ladle of soup & slice of bread/ left over dinner or a plate of picks (bread ham chesse tomato) & a yogurt
    mid afternoon she has some fruit and cheese or biscuit
    dinner is usually spag bol/ fish/ pots and veg or omlette with pots and veg.
    sometimes a pudding or fruit
    7-8oz bottle at night before bed

    if she eats all of this that is a great day on most days she only eats about half of this. although we never have a fight with the morning
  • Wow I really want to give advice on what my lo ate when she was 1 but I really cant remember, shes 2 now and I cant believe ive forgotten what her routine was at that age. I know she had weetabix in the morning and pretty much ate our food but mashed up though i cant remember how much formula she was consuming??
    sorry i cant be of any help, im totally shocked i cant remember all this stuff, i hope im not useless when we have another child x x lol
  • Thanks for ur reply's, i think i am stressing too much about how much she eats. I just worry that she is not getting enough. she knows when she is not hungrey coz she pushes the spoon away or she shakes her head. the trouble is she neaver cry's for food or cry's when she is hungry.
  • hi karla. i have worried since chloe was born she not getting enough. she was never a good eater and we always struggled to get her to take her milk. we had to start weaning her coz she had lost weight due to not having enough milk. over the last few months i have realised that she is perfectly healthy and has to be eating enough or she would be showing signs of weight loss and illness. she not that big. she weighs 18 1/2 pounds and is 14 months. i think the worry is always there but these days i try to put to the back of mind a bit.xx
  • she's refusing food when she's had enough so she is getting all she needs. it is hard to know when to feed them if they can't tell you they are hungry! i normally give healthy (ish) snacks during the day too which end up in his mouth if he's hungry, lol!
    he'll have cereal/ toast for breakfast plus milk then after nap has juice and toast/ fruit/ snack, lunch (mine will eat a full 7month jar) and maybe pud, snack after nap again, tea then milk before bed.
    luke is 12 months btw.
    snacks are normally cheese, bread, banana or other fruit, yogurt, biscuits or crisps, fruit bar, toast with marmite/ jam... i've tried him with peanut butter now he's 1 which he loves but i'm trying to give it to him too much!!
  • hi my son is 9 months now and he has only 2 bottles of 6 oz milk a day as he eats all day long! he has milk then porridge then a round of toast then lunch then rice cakes/ organic biscuits then his tea then a bottle before bed. hv said he is getting enough milk as he eats yoghurt and cows milk with bfast but he is "under the line" but in the grey area (95th centile i think) for height v v tall for his age. i perosnally think as long as they get what they need and they are full up its ok. some babies eat more than others. but its easy to worry about how much they eating esp when at childminders etc x
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