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I have a 8 mth old kitten and lm 13 wks pregnant, lm abit considered hows he goin to react wen the baby comes as hes still at tht biting/scratching stage. Just wondering if anyone here has any exp of this thanx xxx


  • i dont have any experience of this but im having to find my cat a new home because she is blind and does tend to go 4 ppl if she is scared or doesnt know whats going on around her and i wouldnt be able to forgive myself is she attacked my baby, so sad tho im 25 weeks now and know i havent got long left with her.........
  • I guess you have 6 months for kitten to mature before baby comes. My sis has a dog who loves her baby but my friends had to find theirs a new home after baby came, it broke her heart but baby came first. So I guess each experience is different. x
  • Hi I have a cat and a dog and although this is my first pregnancy both have been fine when my sister brings her baby round, but suppose things may be different when the baby is here full time.......only time will tell. But although I have had my dog since he was 6 weeks old I still won't leave him in a room with a baby, you can never be too carefull. You will just need to wait and see how she reacts. Hope you know not to be cleaning out the cat litter!!!!
  • hi i have a dog and three cats and i wont be getting rid of any of them unless they attack baby or baby is allergic but i dont think that will happen as long as you set boundaries of what is acceptable andi agree with tamarabell i would never leave my baby alone with my animals although i trust them you just never know hwat could happen.

  • hi i have a cat who is vvv friendly and likes to sit on everyone and has been brilliant with my lo who is 14 weeks. he likes to sit with us when i am feeding her but other than that he just tends to sit and look at her and she loves it!
  • Bought a cat net and kept doors closed when baby came. Cat was interested when i bought LO home but never needed to use net as he never went near moses basket. Did find him asleep in LO cot (LO not in there at that point) so had to wash down and change the bedding.
    They now get on like a house on fire and he loves my LO. Might have considered getting rid of cat if LO was allergic but not if else. Can actually help childs immunity if grows up with a pet. Thats just my view though. Filo x
  • I got 2 dogs and a cat (who doesn't come in that often). i dont think he will take much notice of the baby.

    The dogs will fine i think, we'll have to wait and see though, cant imagine getting rid of them, hasn't really crossed my mind that i would have to. I also wouldn't trust them along with baby 100% though, even though i have had them both since they were 8 weeks old.

    I think cats will be easier as mine didn't seem to mind change, we have moved house twice and he has come with us and stayed. Maybe i got a very chilled out cat.
  • hehehe lol @ladygwen what a lovely cat you have!!
    Mine in summer brings in live ones and lets them loose and looks at me to say well do you like it then?? Filo x
  • LOL - that is disgusting but incredible that he managed a whole mouse! - no wonder he was pleased with himself. I have two cats who have shown no interest in Neve so far (she is 4 weeks old) or her moses basket however they have been weeing on some of her things like her car seat (not impressed at having to pay ??109 for a new one), the waterproof cover for her pram and a couple of other things. The latest this morning is her bath support. I know I can wash the bath support and the pram cover washed up fine but am really not willing to put up with it any more. I keep most of her stuff shut away but cats get into places so much easier than dogs so its hard to keep tabs.

    I am guessing that this is a territorial thing but to be honest I want to rehome them - they are clearly not happy and Neve is my priority now, I feel very guilty about it and my husband is not keen but I don't feel I have a choice.
  • Hi we had 2 big boisterous dogs and had to have them rehomed before our baby came along it was heart breaking but better to do while your still pregnant than after you've had the baby as you have so many emotions going on after the birth, and i felt to deal with losing the dogs as well as my hormones would be too much. However I do still have my cat she's 13 years old now and isn't one bit fazed by the baby, I got her as a kitten when my eldest was 4, and the cat was fine with having a lively 4 year old running around & the cat was 2 when i had my 2nd and she didnt worry about having a baby around then either, whenever my 2nd was ill as a baby (and she does it now that the kids are older) she would sit beside her cot or on her bed until she was better only getting up to go to out to the loo or eat. She's not overly keen on little kids outside of the house if family come round with the little ones she runs and hides, but with our own kids she's fine, i guess cos she's grown up with them. I have a net that goes over the cot to stop the cat getting in, i also have another for over her buggy if she's asleep in it and the cats around. She's never got in the cot or buggy with the baby in them but we did catch her getting in the moses basket when the baby wasnt in it. You just cant be too careful
  • I have baby Erin who is almost 6mnths old, and a boxer Amazon who is 2 1/2.
    At first Amazon felt lft out as newborns do take up all of your time, now she is used to Erin they get along great. Amazon lies down next to her on the rug and Erin just looks at her and laughs! I think once Erin gets older they will get on even better.
    I was worried before Erin was born, as being a boxer Amazon is a bit silly sometimes, but she is never silly around the baby. Boxers are the best! x
  • im so jealous of u all having "normal" cats its my own fault for being such a big softie and taking in a blind cat because her owners were abusing her we actually just knocked on their door and told them they were bastards and we just took her thats was about 3 yrs ago and she has been brill and a bit funny ( walks into walls,doors, cupboards )
  • I.

    Last week he was really proud of himself when he vomited up a WHOLE mouse on the coffee table. I nearly vomited myself. He just looked at me as if to say 'stroke me then, I'm awesome'. Dirty cat!!

    Ladygwen! Thats so funny sorry probably wasn't for you, my cat likes to bring whole rabbits into the house best of all she is tiny so the rabbits are about the same size as her and we don't have a cat flap so she has to climb through the bathroom window!!! Don't know how she manages, plus last time she just ate the head and front paws and left the rest for us to deal with when we got home from work!!!
  • Hi when i had my daughter 5 yrs ago we had a lovely dog v good with people etc but he got v jealous when lo arrived so had to re home him, when she was 2 we got a puppy at 6 weeks and still have her now and she and ellie best of friends, Hubby got a new puppy 4 weeks before leo arrived and he is really good with baby and both dogs are but would never leave them alone with lo,s. But if i didnt trust them then i would have to rehome them just trust your instincts and what is best for you.
    vikki xx
  • We have a housecat and we think she'll be fine, we're gunna lock her downstairs at night though when the baby comes. Dont want to risk her going for a warm spot and not realising what she's doing. When we're all up we'll just have to keep an eye on her.
    OHs actually thinking about getting a dog when babies born, partly because he knows Im more of a dog person and partly because he worries about me being at home alone a lot with a baby-very over protective and thinks if we get a dog it will protect us both.
    But that would mean me with a new born a new dog and a cat, trying to make them all get on.
  • My cat is a miserable, grumpy old arse who until we had Millie was used to ruling the entire house. He bites our feet when we walk past, attacks you for entertainment when he is bored and hates visitors. I was really worried about how he would react when we had Millie but he has been fantastic. Initally he hated the noise she made and just kept out of the way but he is starting to mellow now she is bigger and starting to want to make a fuss of him. It never ceases to amaze me how patient he is with her. They are never left alone together but she still manages to be really quite unplesant to him (normally when she is trying to cuddle him) and he never goes for her. Yesterday while I was getting dressed Millie was trying to cuddle him and he went under the bed to get away from her, before I had time to stop her she grabbed hold of his tail and tried to pull him out by it. If I had done that he would have taken half my hand off but he just glared at her and snuck further under where she couldn't reach. It's as if he knows that she is only a baby and that she doesn't know any better.
  • Ladygwen, I have been playing that card too, right from the moment we found out!
    She now gets put out at night so that she sleeps all day and that seems to have stopped her bringing things in!
  • Bedhead, your cat sounds exactly like mine. My cat can be so viscious at times - i never knew cats could bite so hard!

    Sometimes he is a grand little cat and is all affectionate and then sometimes i can be walking past him and i get a nasty nip on my heels. He can even jump quite high and give me a bite on my arm. He is a highly strung bugger at times!

    Im not sure what to do with him when my baby comes. He will probably have to stay outdoors more (we have a shed where he has a basket etc) but will see how it goes once baby is here (im nearly 30 weeks).

  • I spoke to my vet today about my cats weeing on Neve's things and she was chuffing useless! She suggested I pop into the surgery to buy the cats a ??40 Feliway room fragrancer to relax them (er, no) and to rub the cats down with a blanket that Neve has been sleeping in on a regular basis so that they get used to her smell - I'm trying to get them AWAY from her things!!! Although I get the logic in the blanket idea I'm damned if i'm rubbing my cats down with her lovely blankets.
  • Bloody do you lot with pets AND babbas cope??! You must be saints!

    I had a nightmare day today. I took my dogs for a walk and one disappeared for over an hour!! I was crying my eyes out and had to get a bloke to help me look for her. She had gone bloody home!!! I hadn't wanted to go home as I didn't want to leave her if she was stuck in the woods somewhere. I'd been running around like a madwoman for an hour and a half!

    She's normally so good - NEVER letting her off the lead again!

    Then we have a cat who has stomach cancer and needs feeding a million times a day, we have to heat up his food coz he won't eat it otherwise.

    The dogs were filthy after the 'walk' and I had to hose them off and dry them etc, then clean up the kitchen of their muddy pawprints!

    Then I discover the cat has pooed in the bath!!!!!!

    Got me thinking, if I can't cope with 3 animals how can I cope with a baby??
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