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Worrying about biting

Hi all, my lo is starting to bite me when ever I cuddle her. I don't think she means to hurt in fact it feels to me like she is trying to show affection, like a kiss. How should I handle it? She is 9 months and will be attending nursery soon so I don't want her to do it to other babies.
Lisa. x


  • Our boy did this - I think mainly because he liked the feel of biting fabric and because to him kisses are open-mouthed and extravagant!! I didn't want to make a big thing of it because he wouldn't understand that he was hurting me but obviously wanted to stop it. So whenever he bit my clothes OR me I would immediately stop the cuddle (ie put him on the floor) and say 'no biting'. Eventually he worked out that if he bit the lovely cuddles stopped. It takes a while but they work it out. Chatting to my friends at the time it seemed lots of their kids had done it too. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks that's great advice, I'll try it as from now!
  • Having bruises on your shoulder from your own baby's teeth is pretty disheartening isn't it?!!! Really hope you see a change soon!!
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