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Argh Work Stress!!!


I'm sorry but I really need to have a rant about work!
I work in the office of a very busy crematorium in NI & the strain of constantly being surrounded by death is starting to tell on me especially in my dreams which is quite distressing. I finish in just over 3 weeks & don't want to go off on Mat leave before that so I know this is something I have to deal with but this coupled with the fact that we are short- staffed & seriously busy (we're the only crematorium in NI therefore service the whole of the country) at the minute & I have people ranting & giving off on the phone to me about things that are totally beyond my control aaarrrrgggghhh!!!!!!

Anyway really I just want to know if anyone has been stressed out with work during their pregnancy (not good for the LO which is why I worry!) & if so what have you been doing to combat your stress?

Thanks in advance
Lauren (32wks) xox


  • Hi lauren,

    I'm sorry to hear you having hassle at work. Unfotunately it's the joy of life lol. I've been really lucky at work as I work for the government and they practically wrap in in cotton wool and look after me they follow all the rules and guidlines and I don't have to do anything I don't want to, they also have provided a bed in one of the rooms incase I need a rest lol and Have a fridge if i would like to express milk, its quite funny but I'm really lucky.
    Do you have any holiday days left? If you do could you not use them to take off time during the week up until your mat leave starts?

  • Hi misslauri,
    Im a support worker and the lady who iv bin working with since the past four years (since i was 17) was taken into hospital over xmas, and we dnt think that she is going to be leaving. Im really upset coz im not aloud to go and see her in hospital because of risk of infection and i feel very emotional about it all. I cnt imagine wat it must be like working where u do, but i know with my very busy life (in uni and looking after toddler as well) i find that having a nice hot (not to hot of course) bath in the evenings really helps me to relax. I no its hard especially wen ur pregnant but u need to try and let things go and dnt take things to heart. Thats wat i try and do anyways. Hope all goes well, Kerry (19wks) xxx
  • That's fab I can't believe anywhere actually does that I would love a bed here all I want to do during the day is sleep!!!
    I know it's the joys of life but it's just really doing my head in because these people who I normally am able to handle quite well just seem to be irritating me & that's not how I want to conduct myself in my job.
    I only have about 2 days holidays so don't really want to take them as I would rather wait & just have them paid to me when I go off on Mat leave but I am going to speak to my boss about going part time- I think i'm just in such bad form this morning because i'm not sleeping & i'm uncomfortable & everything is getting on top of me even though it's not anything major if that makes sense?

    Oh i'm rambling again!!
  • You're not rambling at all lol.

    Your work should try and make you as comfortable as possible, if you only have three weeks left surely there can be no harm in you going in part time or even just later in the mornings so you have more of a chance to sleep.

  • Had a chat with my boss earlier & she is being really good but obviously she's under a lot of pressure with us being so busy but she's going to see if I can have the next few afternoons off which would be great!

    Kerry, I can't imagine how hard that is for you not being able to see this lady- is there no way at all that they can make an exception surely you visiting her would be beneficial for her health? You sound like a real trooper a tot & another one on the way I can't begin to think what that'd be like i'm enough of a whinge as it is!

    Thanks girls xox
  • Just to let you know I'm thinking about all you other 'stressed at work girls' & can really identify with you - maybe we can form a little club??!

    I think I've had a pretty easy time with my hormones since I got pregnant (am currently 23wks), so I don't think I'm particularly over-reacting to things, but my boss has been driving me crazy & making me SO angry & upset!!!!!!!!! On Friday at work I rang my husband in tears, which is totally out of character for me, & was thinking about work all weekend (though tried not to), & ended up crying like a baby on Sunday night because I was dreading going back to work on Monday!

    Fortunately things are quite a lot better this week, & I keep telling myself not to get stressed as it's bad for baby, but it's easier said than done!
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