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The best cure for constipation (maybe tmi)


I made it through a lot of this pregnancy without constipation, up until a few weeks ago where it got so bad my botty was bleeding whenever I went poopies lol So I tried drinking water I tried everything I read and was told but nothing seemed to work until I started driking a bottle of innocent smoothy ever morning with my breakfast and after two days I could go with no trouble at all, I have carried on drinking it and have had no problems for 5 days now image I thought I would let you know as I know how painful it is.

I hope it works for others too :\)



  • Thanks for the heads up! I've been OTT-ing on fruit juice which really helps BUT gives me bad heartburn! So thankyou!

  • Bran Flakes worked a treat when i was pregnant

  • i agree laura...branflakes is the answer for me! as soon as i run out i know the loo symptoms will reappear!
  • Branflakes and fruit juice def work for me. Never thought of trying a smoothie though! Thanks.XXX
  • i had really bad constipation throughout my pregnancy. told the doctor and he gave me fybogel. doesnt taste all that nice but really helped. havent taken it for awhile now because the constipation sorted itself out.
    now that im near the end of my pregnancy i dont seem to stop pooing! lol. ive read that its your bodies way of clearing itself out ready for the birth.
  • Hi Caz

    I like you had made it through most of my pregnancy without constipation!!! Until now at 34 weeks.....I have had problems...but I decided to start eating mini shredded wheat and lots of stoneless dates!!! Its fantastic and works....well for me anyway....give it a try....good luck.

    Take care
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