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Is anyone else feeling proper tired

I am 13+4 and am feeling so tired.

Even the slightest thing is making me shattered. I go to Tesco, and have a wander round, by the time I get home I need to rest.
I am quite big already, but I don;t remember feeling this tired.

I am nor mally in bed by like 9pm latest and am sleeping till 9am so it isn't like I am not sleeping.
Today for example, I have been to see friends and now I am home I have had to come to bed.

Just standing and doing the ironing is making me knackered.

I am also right off my food.
I made a lovely Korma tonight, really fancied it, by the time I sat down, i couldn't eat it.

Also lol I have had a headache for 2 days. it is pissing me right off now. Tablets aren't helping, and I used that forehead stuff and that made no difference either.
All in all I am feeling quite shit lol.

Oh the joys of being pregnant!!!!


  • at the beginning of my pregnancy i felt tired alot still do sometimes these days but not as much image im 30wk+2days so ive got around 10wks togo yay!!i did get alot of headaches too they were reallly bad image but im glad the sickness headaches and all that went by 15wks so u should start perkin up soon
    abbie,hope+bluebump 30wk+2
  • Hi are you due aug too then? I due on the 4th. I havent felt tired recently but earlier on i was soooo tired all the time. But i've had more energy the last couple of weeks. Unfortunatly for me I not off my food infact I think I'm the oppisite always hungary. I have gone off certain things though one being spag bol which i used to love so thats a bit disapointing. X
  • well I am really tired and end up asleep on the sofa by about 8pm and am tired all day!
  • Am now 20 wks and its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago! Like you - doing anything and I could have slept afterwards, it has eased but now could sleep for england coz am sooooo bored!
  • yeah I am due on the 13th Apple.

    I hate feeling like this, it is driving me mad. I am normally on the go all the time. I am busy during the day if I need to be, but there have been days where I just have no energy to do anything at all.
  • I feel really tired all the time, and jst can't b bothered to do nethin, had a few weeks early on where i had more energy but now have jst gone back to bein really tired hope it's not like this all the way cos i've got loads i need to do!
  • Hi Elsbeth
    I am now 21weeks, so not feeling as tired as earlier on. But i had never felt tiredness like it - i was constantly cream-crackered and sorry to say it but didn't find anything helped!! It will pass though - just try & chill out as much as possible
  • I know how you feel, from about 12 weeks to 22 weeks I was absolutely shattered, when I wasn't at work (only worked temp job for 4 weeks) I was sleeping 12 hrs but still the same. I don't know why they say you're 'full of energy' in the 2nd trimester cos I felt crappy. I feel a lot less tired now and I'm 28 weeks, so for me at least, it gets better. xxx
  • I honestly don't remeber feeling so tired when i had Jack and Ashleigh.

    I hope it does wear off, coz it is making me proper grumpy. They did say this pregnancy was gonna be hard workfor me but fucking hell pmsl
  • I'm 14+4 and I've been feeling pretty tired also, not quite so bad as others have mentioned but bad enough so that I am finding work a real struggle at the moment... sigh. But I do know exactly what you mean about the eating thing, my appetite has been all over the place since I got pregnant. In the first few weeks I found it really hard to ea anything, just didn't fancy it. That seemed to get better for a while but now I am feeling it again, with a lot of food I just don't want it when it is in front of me. Either that or I feel hungry but I can still only manage a really small portion. I've never been particularly fussy with food so I can't wait till I can get back to normal!
  • I'm now 32 wks and I'm the same always tired have been since the beginning of my pregnancy and its so annoying.
    Cant be bothered to do anything it is really crazy. But even thou I'm tired all the time i find it very hard to get to sleep at night and find I'm still awake at 4am thank god for mat leave. I'm trying not to worry bout it to much because one lo is here I'm sure we wont get any sleep.
    Tori xxx
  • I figured it out LOL.

    I have something called Fibromalgia, and I think I am having an attack of that.
    It is a form of Chroonic Fatigue Syndrome, it sucks big time but at least i know why I am feeling so shit.
  • Hello,

    I am 22 weeks and if I do not get enough sleep then I will feel tired all day.
    Even with a good nights sleep come afternoon i can not keep my eyes open.
    The joys of preganacy lol.
  • I had a lovely massage last night, it helped me sleep big time.
  • hi,
    I have been tired all the way through my pregnancy, I've not had morning sickness at all - how lucky! but talk abut sleep for england. This morning I woke up fine and even posted some where on here that I was full of beans, but now its time for bed. Lo is in agreement with me, coz when I get tired he starts to kick like mad then goes quite then once I get into bed he gives me another few small kicks as if to say thanks for listening
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