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19 and pregnant- in london! any1 wanna b buddies?

hey im 19 and live in london- am 2-3months pregnant and wud like friends that are mature and in simliar or same situation! im not a first time mum as i have a 4month old son who sadly died in a accident over a year ago-so i can give advice on prgnancy, birth etc as ive ben through it all before. im on ms if any1 wants to chat [email protected] hope 2 chat to sum young mums soon xx


  • Hi cheryl, im so sorry to hear about your loss. Congrats on your pregnancy, how are you feeling? any sickness? Oh sorry, my name is Diane and i have a 16 week old baby girl called Ellie. I only have one baby but im very broody and would love another.
    Have you had your 12 week scan yet? xxx
  • hiya! thanks 4 ur reply- yes im sick everyday! lol but it seems to be wearing off. no ive got a scan thurs to find out xactly how far i am as dates keep changin! but im between 8-12weeks. how have u been? xxx
  • Hi cheryl im tori im also 19 32wks pregnant with my first
  • Hi Cheryl, im fine, i think i might be pregnant again as im so tired and feeling rough. YEA! Anyway im not looking forward to the sickness, it was awful with my first, i was sick till 17 weeks!
    It will be nice seeing your baby on the screen for the first time. Are you working? What do you do? xxx
  • im doing a interior design course at the mo! sickness seems to be wearing off! ive had a scan about 3weeks ago- so i cant wait till thurs- i can get more exact dates! do u work? where are you from? xxx
  • Im a nurse from Northern Ireland but i dont think i will be going back to work now as childcare is so expensive. Hubby earns good money so we should be ok. You could come and redesign my house, everything is cream or pale yellow! I have no taste at all and dont mind admitting it! LOL
  • hi babe im 19 pregnant with first just gone 20weeks. i live in docklands london and would love to chat ive added you to my msn im [email protected] xxsarah
  • hey, hope everything is going well with your pregnancy, i'm Imogen and 14 weeks pregnant with my second child. I live in Kent but my partner is from Covent Garden, so am there visiting often. Lokks like we are expecting around the same time too! xxxxlots of love xxxxxx
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