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am i right or is it just hormones>>??

hi everyone, here comes a big moan!

me and hubbie were planning on going out for a meal tonight and my 3yr old girls dad (my ex) was taking her (since he didnt want her for his usual time on wednesday as he was nightshift and was tired, so he agreed he would take her couple hours wednesday and couple hours tonight since we going out to make it up).

then he phoned earlier today and said he was just double checking the time he was to collect her (which was 7-9pm as he knew fine well as thats when the meal was for)..first he asked if he could change it to 6-8 cause he was going out drinking after... so i said no.

then...he said he was also going out in the afternoon "for a coupleof drinks"..before getting my girl!!

so i said to him i didnt want him to get her if he's been drinking, so he then replied by saying he would ask his mum to watch her instead then!!!

is it just me, or should he have just said he wouldnt drink then, instead of choosing to go out drinking over seeing his daughter??

i am so angry!!was i right to react that way?am i just hormonal and being to overprotective of her?

i spoke to his mum (who i get on with well) and explained it wasnt necessary for her to watch my girl, and she agreed that he should have just not drink and watched her.

(only after a talking to by his mum and sister) he phoned and said he will now not din and just get her..i told him to forget it!! amm i right.?
i thought how dare he! he only changed his mind after being told by others, otherwise he would have chosen going to drink over seeing his daughter who he only sees 2 anoons a week!!

argh im sssssssooooooooooo angry!!


  • Awww you dont sound to happy - but I cant blame you. It sounds to me like having a drink is more important to him that seeing his daughter. I personally think if thats the case he needs to sort out his priorities . Its also proberbly not helped that your pregnant and if anything like me a little more emotional! I do agree though he souldn't be drinking before looking after her. I mean i know if i got a babysitter I would not be impressed if they'd been to the pub 1st!! X
  • I really dont blame you.

    When my boys were young I used to have this problem with their dad. He had them overnight every other weekend and wondered why I went mad if he had had a drink!!!!

    Its not as if he cant go drinking afterwards so although you are hormonal babe you are definately in the right in my opinion.

    Love Lee
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