PG Symptons - How Soon?

Hi Girls,

I am ttc at the moment but thought this post would be better suited to all you girls that have actually succeeded.
How quickly did you all start getting pg symptons. x


  • Hi Gemma,
    I took a test 3 days before my period was due and it was positive but i knew before i did the test that i was pg. I was really tired that week leading up to test and had headaches. I felt different in myself, (if you know what i mean), and just knew my body was in some way different.
    Hope that helps, good luck,
    Sam xxx
  • Hi Gemma, I did the test about a week before I was due on, but like Sam I had a feeling I was pregnant. Boobs were sore and had butterflies in my tummy, generally just didn't feel myself. Good luck!!!!
  • My boobs started to get sore quite soon, it wasnt until I was sick before work one morning that I decided to get a test though-I think I was about 4/5 weeks then
  • hi i just had extra cm which was why i thought something wasn't right as i normally have a few dry days leading up to af. but i kept getting ewcm all the time! i was also more tired and boobs just looked a little fuller. thats it! i tested 2 weeks after af was due just becos my af's were irregular since coming off pill and i wasn't sure when i ov i just guessed! so i had a guess at when i was due, but left it a couple of weeks b4 i tested just to be sure as i didn't want to get a neg. xxx
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