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Where to find Maternity Swimwear??

Hi Girls!

I love swimming & used to go all the time - untill they closed out local fab pool down (another matter) but finishing work in 5 weeks i'm 18 weeks today and while i'm off Id love to go swimming again! image

I want a Swim Suit one that fits and one that not only fits but looks nice not like i'm a 60 year old! I would have thought it was simply but proving impossible...

I know you beautiful girls will have some ideas of where to get bright pretty coustumes that will fit my massive baby bump! So please help lol... dying to go! took kids from work the other day (work in a youth club) and was gutted I couldnt get in! xx image


  • Hi there I know you can get them from mothercare and most of the big catalogues do them too including next.
  • I have this one
    It's a two piece but the top is plenty long enough so I haven't got a gap so far. (I'm only 23 weeks but my bump is pretty big)
    It actually looks better on than in the picture and is pretty comfy.
  • what do you think of the red one? x
  • Ohh I like that! They didn't have that in the shop when I bought mine and red looks crap on my (pasty) skin but that is very nice!
  • I've got the black swimsuit with white straps- v comfy and not too grannyish! I looked at other websites too when I was looking- try Blooming Marvellous and JoJo Maman Bebe for some nice ones that aren't pricey. By the way love the red one with white polka dots, wanted that but red is SO not my colour (have ultra white skin and red hair!).
  • Had a look at mothercares (very old fashioned looking) next had nothing ... thinking the red with white poka dots its will be then! x
  • I got a nice one (well, I like it!) from Vertbaudet. You can order online. I did quite a lot of hunting around before choosing it. It's fairly plain & simple, but also supportive of my (big!) boobs although it's not underwired.
    When I logged in just now I realised that I've gone under 100 days until baby's due - 98 days!!!!!!!! Oooh, scary!!!!!!!!
  • I have E boobs i'm tall have a long body and a massive bump - haha a lot to ask for a pretty cosey but id really like one! x
  • I was an E cup pre-pregnancy, think I'm a G or H now. Big boobs can sometimes be a curse when you're looking for clothes!
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