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Anyone reading My Bump and Me?

Hi I'm from the ttc group.

Whilst I can't stand Myleene - I understand this is a good book and wondered if anyone here was reading it?

I know shes cashing in on the whole Mum thing - what with the CD out and that - but thought I might read the book if it was any good!

Thanks in advance.




  • no im not but i might now you have mentioned it i love a good book
  • No, I'm not and probably won't - feel like I know enough about pregnancy now from all the books, NHS leaflets etc...which is silly as I'm only 30 weeks with my first! Good luck ttc xxx
  • not read it but i have read Jools Olivers book - minus nine to one. Thats was pretty good. Bought it from ebay for about ??1. Bargain. Need something to help pass the time away - ive got 7 weeks to go and i cant wait!!
  • i could't put myleen's book down really enjoyed it!!!

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