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tommee tippee microwave steriliser

Hi everyone
was wondering if you can help.
I am planning on breast feeding but also hoping nto express and was in tesco's the other night and they have all their tommee tippee stuff half price, so I bought a manual breast pump, microwave steam and cold water steriliser that has extras inside and a 3 pack of breast and bottle feeding bottles, so I have 7 bottles in total.

Has anyone used this steriliser? Is it any good?



  • I'm breastfeeding and use all the tommee tippee stuff. It's great. The only prob with this steriliser is that if you use the microwave it's only sterile for 2 hours apparently so if you're doing it ahead of time then you're best to use it with cold water.
    Oh, and when you're expressing with the pump I've found that I have to take it all apart to really get all the milk out of it. But it's relatively easy to put back together again!
    Hope that helps.
  • thanks for your replies, will see how I get on with cold one then for now, well when lo is born, have 3 months to work out how it all works yet.

    Em x
  • I have the microwave/cold water steriliser and its fine, I started out with cold water sterilising but I find that micro sterilising is easier and doesn't dry out my hands. I kept forgetting when I'd started the 24 hours of sterilising solution!! Now I just sterilise 4 bottles at a time in the microwave and make them up with cool boiled water and add powder when released. Don't have to bother drying the bottles cause they drain in the steriliser. I have the tt manual pump and its ok but i ended up buying an electric pump cause I was fed up of having a sore wrist!
  • hiya you will probably find that you wont use any of it because expressing and sterilising is such a hassle lol - i breast feed, and i bought the tommee tippee one and i had a berast pump but rarely used any of them, dad got a shot a couple of times, and i expressed for that purpose and when i felt to full!
  • i have tommee tippee everything, it's definitely a good express pump (doesnt fall apart like avent), use it as a cold water steriliser(also confused by micriwave sterilised time) and really found the bottles were less windy than other makes, good luck hope all goes well........
  • I'd have to say that expressing isn't that much of a hassle wiht an electric pump. I'm sure you all want to know that I've got my pump running and have both hands free to use the laptop! image Manual pumping is a pain in the ass cause you can;t do anything else really but watch tv while pumping cause you need a hand to pump and I found it easier to use the other hand to hold it steady.

    I guess sterilising is the same as anything else - onc eyou get into a routine of doing it then its not so much hassle.. wash bottles when you are washing up, stick them in the steriliser ready and set it off in the microwave when you need them. I thought it was a pain at first but now I'm in the habit of getting the bottles ready in the steriliser after I wash up its not a hassle
  • i have the tommee tippe microwave steriliser and i find it better than the using the cold. its quicker and easier, and i make up my bottles in advance.. my hv said this was fine, and my baby seems fine.
  • thanks everyone
    my friend has offered me her spare electric pump too so I have the best of both now and can see what I get on best with.
  • how long does the tommee tippee steraliser last for once bottles are steralised

  • hi, hpw can i make up the bottles in advance with the microwave steriliser when there's only room for one bottle lid?

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