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Hairy belly!!!

Oh my god, I was just sitting on my compyter and could feel proper little kicks from baby, so I lifted my top to have a look and my belly has got really hairy!!! Does anyone else have this?? It's not even a line down the middle it's all over!?!?!?
I don't remember getting this with my first pregnancy.

Faith 18+1xxxxxxx


  • Hell yeah hairy bellies rule lol

    I have the hairest stomach in the whole world it got that bad that I sat and cut it with scissors (much to my husbands amusment) but I was told that if you got hairier it meant you were having a boy, which is true for me image

  • I have the hairy belly too!!! I'm really fair haired so was a shock to see them. It was when they were wet in the bath. My OH tries to get them static so they all stick up, so mature for a soon to be dad of 2!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • I am 10 weeks tomorrow and have been getting a hairy belly and even nipples (errrrggh). My midwife said that all the hormones in your body can cause you to become hairier than usual.
  • HI Faith & Caz, I too have noticed that my belly is getting hairy! Luckly its really fine blond hair so not turning into a monkey yet! Lol. We didn't find out what we were having but both of us think its a boy so will be interesting to know if that theory is true!!!
    Tammi 24+2
  • My hairy belly is black hair lol which is awful seeing as I don't even have dark hair on my head, I find myself twiddling it when I'm sitting on the sofa and dh finds it amusing to pull it when I am sleeping but he also says I have grown it to keep his son warm because I love him so much, which I thought was quite sweet. I also get lovely little nick names like "monkey girl". I have also noticed I nearly have a full beard and tash (luckily not dark hair lol) which I am having removed later today so I actually look like a pregnant lady rather than a fat man with a beer belly and unkept facial hair.

  • Oh good, glad I'm not the only one then!!
    My midwife did say that she thought we were having a boy from the heartbeat and we both think it's a boy too!! I hope so as we have a little girl and would be great to have a boy next. We have our sexing scan a week tomorrow so will know for sure then, can't wait!
  • Yeah, mines black hair too as I am dark haired anyway! No other extra hair anywhere else yet, but I'm sure I've got all that to come lol, I'm gonna look like bloody bigfoot by 40 weeks
  • My belly is extremely hairy!! OH keeps laughing at it! I am lucky they are blond though but they are long! xx
  • This link is so funny. I have black hairs too and they are really long, I look like a man with a crab line, its quite disturbing but I am trying to refrain from waxing them as I believe it will dissapear when the baby has arrived!!! I thought I was having a girl but the more I get into this pregnancy the more I think its a boy!!

  • hi,i'm new to this website!i have a hairy belly and have evn started plucking them out by my belly button!!everybody seems to be saying its a sign of a boy on here but i am having a baby girl.I also got hairy in my last pregnancy which was a girl! xx
  • haha i have a hairy belly to its quite lightish,can really see em when im in the bath its horrible, iv shaved it twice! wish i never its worse then ever!! my own fault image iv also noticed my hair everywhere eles grows twice has fast too! and were having a boy! xx
  • my belly is slightly more hairier but not as much. i was giggling away reading the post. apparently the hormones in pregnancy stop hair falling out and all extra hair you have aquired should fall out after birth. it does mean that anyone who has gained lovely thick 'head' hair will find that coming out too
  • Glad to know i'm not the only one with a hairy bump!!!! lol it's kinda a line from belly button (which is beginning to get smaller) then spreads out from there!!!
    we already know we're having a boy so that one wives tale thats true on my part!!!

  • Yes big time - my hair is blonde but it stands out on end like it's got permanent static - it's very offputting, but whatever you do - DON'T SHAVE IT anyone! Not a good look when it grows back LOL
  • i have most of the hair on my line after my belly button. Does this increase til I give birth?

  • Haha, yep just had a bath and it looked even worse in there! And when I got out and dried my belly, it looked really funny cos all the hairs went flat, it looked like a bald mans head who has combed some hair over
  • lol you wait till baby is born! looks bad now and your tum is stretched! when your stomach gos down you look like a yetty!! lol i had to use hair removal cream when my lo was born! lol
  • I had a really hairy tummy, I looked like a chimp!! I was tempted to shave it but thought better of it. I had a baby girl!
  • My belly got hairy in first pregnancy and then went back to normal after birth. I had a boy. It's got hairy this time round too. I'm having a boy this time too.XXX
  • LOL Lara

    Doesn't it feel awful though when it's growing back? Stubbly belly LOL

    So far my list of pg 'turnoffs' are:
    Varicose veins - huge amounts of on both legs and all around my groin and unseen bits - ugh...
    Hairy belly
    Swollen boobs complete with blue veins!
    Fat - lots of it...
    dimply bottom (ok I had this before pg but it is worse)
    dry itchy skin

    The joys........
    24+2 yahay!!!
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