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Losing weight?

Hya im 14weeks pg and iv lost nearly 2 stone not had morning sickness and eating loads got a big bump already just wondering if anyone else losing weight and if its normal? This is'nt my 1st baby and with my daughter i put weight on.


  • I lost 5lbs over xmas and when I spoke to the midwife she said it was fine as it was me loosing the wieght and not the baby. If you are concerned speak to your midwife to put your mind at rest as two stones does seem alot expecially if you've not been sick at all. Sure that if you are eating loads and baby is growing everything will be ok!
    Tammi 24+2
  • Thanks for your reply think i will just mention it 2 mw with my daughter i put about 3 and half stone on so it seems strange but every pg ment b diff .

  • wish it was normally that easy to lose weight, lol!
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