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The horror that is child birth :S

After reading what everyone wrote last week I was completely intriguied and had to watch "DAwn gets a baby" last night, and I must say I was completely mortified!!

The young girl who gave birth first looked a mess lol it looked hideously painful and I genuinely don't think I will cope now. The only thing that made it better was the last lady who seemed to cope fine and I burst into tears once the baby was born cos I was so happy it was over ha ha!

How anyone can say childbirth is natural is beyond me :? , my husband watched it to and thought it was great and very imformative and that he felt he would cope better with me now he had watched it, so I cried a bit more and went to bed wondering how on earth I'm going to push my monster baby out into the world. I had nightmares of episiotomy's/tears and blood gushing all over the place lmao I'm not in a completely rational mood!

I know that once it has happened I will be fine but the lead up to it is terrifying, I really wish I hadn't watched it but I know I will watch it again next week image



  • me too!!!!!!!! im kinda wishing i never watched it now (i blame the bbc iplayer) my oh was watching it with me and he said it looks fine i dont know what all the fuss is about!!! i think i may kill him during child birth!! i also stupidly watched a birthing video on youtube and i had the same reaction as dawn on the show!!!
  • Ha ha I have seen an episiotomy birth before and it was shocking but the woman didn't even seem to notice. I have told my midwife that they can do an episiotomy if necassary but I don't want them to tell me when they are doing it "ignorance is bliss".

    My husband said it looked quite awful and he hugged me and told me he would learn the massaging techinques but other than that he said "it seems ok" and kept reminding me that the women looked so happy at the end.

  • Oh ginger men are so nice!
    I did cry at the end, I sat there with my mouth open and my jaw on the floor the only part that looked good was the gas and air lol
  • Lara,

    I was def worried about the sex thing as well, I am a little paranoid that my husband will refuse to ever go down there again and go and find himself a nice lady whose fanny doesn't look like a bomb site lol but he insists he doesn't care etc etc. For some reason I just thought it went back to normal, I'm not niaive or ignorant I think I was just kidding myself but I'm also worried about how long we won't have sex for :S

  • hey ladies!

    i watched it last week on the iplayer after reading what the others had wrote and it scared the bejesus out of me!! i agree with caz about the gas and air though lol i am definitely getting me some of that! even if it doesnt really help the pain at least it'll make me laugh!! i did cry alot at the end when they had their babies, especially the second woman who kept going "oh look its a baby"!! hahaha i thought that was adorable and is exactly what i'm going to be like! i am utterly terrified of tearing/cutting but i'm going to do that perineal massage thing for sure! glad i saw how ur supposed to do it because i'd read about it and figured u just rubbed somewhere in between lol didnt realise u had to do it from the inside!! anyway despite the huge amounts of tmi i'm definitely glad i watched it, birthing videos are a bit addictive though i'm constantly trawling the net for more!!!

    xxx rhiannon xxx
  • Hi Rhiannon,

    I agree about the perineal massage my dh will be doing that for me as he can actually see whats going on whereas I haven't been able to sea my area for ages now so would probably end up just tipping a bottle of virgin oil up my fanny lol

  • Hi All
    I feel quite responsible about this - i posted the thread first of all! I really didn't want to frighten or offend anyone x
    Ii'm weirdly calmer about giving birth after watching it (although shocked about some bits), but obviously apprehensive!
    I'm now more concerned about motherhood itself....this is my first & just don't wanna get it wrong!
    Sarah xx
  • ahahahahah!! oh my god caz!! i can totally imagine myself doing the exact same thing!!! how far gone are you? i'm only 15 + 3 but my bump is pretty big already, especially in the evenings, my midwife says its water retention but seriously i look about 6 months gone half the time! god knows what i'll be like when i'm full term i'm sure i'll topple over!! xxx
  • I'm 24 weeks and look like a moose I can't see my feet or my lady garden and I know how messy it could get trying to use virgin oil on myself (although highly amusing for my hubby to watch lol) Tearing is my biggest fear but my mum had an episiotomy and forceps when delivering me and she said she couldn't even remember it after the birth so it couldn't have been that bad.

    Sarah I am also worried about motherhood but I know my hubby will support me so I almost feel re;axed about it. He has had a lot more contact with children than I have as he has 50 thousand brothers and sisters whereas I haven't even ever held a newborn but I am sure it will come naturally.

  • I must be odd, I've done it twice, and watched Dawn (on Iplayer) and still looking forward to doing it again.

    There are so many things I want to do different this time, and it's the last, have already been booked on a labour relaxation course, and looking into hypnobirthing.

    I did it with just gas and air last time, and only had 3 stiched around my pee hole.

    The first time I has 3 shots of pethidine, never again, made me feel trippy for days, an epidural and gas and air, and forceps!! I was cut to, obviously with the forceps
  • mummylisa, when you say pee hole do you mean your ACTUAL pee hole?? i had no idea you could tear THERE??!! oh lordy, the thoughts from my last smear are coming back to me!! yes i know childbirth is going to be sooo much worse than a smear but still! ooh i've come over all unneccessary!!!

    caz i'm sure you dont look like a moose!! preggers people are beautiful!!! saying that my partner tried to pick me up yesterday, usually a simple act but with my bump he had some problems and i literally burst into tears!! even though i havent put on a pound anywhere except my belly and (apparently) my fat fingers (thanks dan love you too lol)

  • I really want to watch it now but the iplayer won't let me as I'm not in the Uk!! Bummer! Seems like its the norm to have an epidural here though, they don't have gas and air!! Really need to research my options as I've been putting off thinking about the labour!LOL! That massage sounds interesting! xx

  • i had an episiotomy with my first and i begged them to cut me to get him out. if im honest i was in that much pain anyway i didnt even feel it. the stitching up afterwards hurt abit but they give you a needle down there and you can use the gas and air while they do it.
  • I had an episiotomy with both mine, no worries.

    It all looks so frightening, but honestly, when you are in there, all you want to do is get baby out safe and sound and everything you have watched is forgotten and you get caught up in the moment.
    It will be fine, it is natural and women have been doing it for years and years.
    As for men saying rather you than me, YES exactly, thats why it is us women, coz if men had to do it, we would be extinct!!!
    That said Jake would love to do it, but he is a freak!
  • yeah, the actual hole, only 3 stiches, but to be honest, if I hadn't read my notes I would never have known, with both the full cut and little tear all was fine after 4 days, max.

    I would rather have a few stiches down there than a c-section that takes weeks/months to heal.

    Sex is great after (as long as some one doesn't phone half way through the first time LOL) things are tighter, and you've both gone with out for longer than normal....

    I never bothered to look down there before so really have no idea if it looks the same or not. All DH cares about is that he can still use it LOL
  • ok mummylisa you've put my mind at rest! i'm not sure about having sex after, especially with the baby in the same room lol i'm so paranoid i'll wake it up!! but if i tear or have a cut i'll definitely ask them to stick a couple extra stitches in just to make sure things are tighter image hehe xxx
  • noo, you don;t need extra stitches, they used to do the 'husband stitch' but that actully causes more harm than good, makes it too tight.
  • damn it i thought that was such a good idea!! lol xxx
  • perineal massage - hum... I think this needs to be happening but (sorry for tmi) I cant bare my anal hole to be touched at all but after watching the 'dawn gets a baby - sissors bit' I am royally freeked out! I know if I ask OH to massage down there he would be more than willing... can we just clear something up - is it in your vagina but the back wall bit where your ment to be massaging?

    Remember those women only had Gas and Air and you get no medals for going 'O Natural' i'll be having lots of that pethidine stuff - i'll ask them for two shots as when I was drinking i'd of had a doubble! haha

    loved the part where they were walking around saing 'Vagina... Vagina' lol made me giggle lol loved it!!

    but the girls has sheer pain written across there faces during - as some of you might have read i'm finding it rather difficult to go for poo's at the mo - so much so i had a cry after one cause the prospect of child birth pettrified me after doing it!

    & at the end of it doesnt matter i'll have other half and my mum with me - its still me who has to go through it!!

    for those of you who want to watch it - i googled it and it came up on BBC three's web site you can watch it all!

    I am wondering if there is a second part to the same programme? Althought it utterly freeked me out watching it i feel strangely compelled and committmented to watching the whole thing!

    I did see where they had there babies at the end and the were all happy and seemed to of forgot the pain...

    Simon (OH) told me to ask my best mate about it... lol i'm thinking not as she was in labour for 5 days!!

    I wish i can be one of those women when slip the baby out no problems ... id be so lucky!

    I didnt even think about sex... but OMG please please don't let me be like a bucket! Our sex has always been nice and sensiual - the thought of being like - is it in yet?? haha because i'm like a gapping well! oh God!

    all this to worry about and the baby wont even be two mins old! xxx
  • Don't worry ladies birth isn't the same for everyone. I had an episiotomy but I didn't even notice until I saw the midwife sewing the stitches and asked her if I had torn!!! Sex is fine afterwards as long as your oh gives you a bit of recovery time. They stitched my sister too tight and she couldn't walk for a couple of weeks!! She was in agony so I would advise against asking for extra stitches. I had gas and air, an epdiural and an episiotomy and I'm still up for doing it again, once they give you the baby you forget the labour image
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