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last day

ah, last day at work, as most of you know I cut down from full time to part time at the beginning of Feb, anyhow, Ive got all the invoices / purchase orders etc done for feb today and I am finsihing in approx 5 mins.
I am ready for it as Ive found keeping going on an afternoon hard work, but Im glad Ive had something to do and to keep me interested. I am 37+5 today.
My last visit to the hospital went well, even with the cysts and spd they want me to start naturally and if I cant do it they will change me to c-section without any fuss. I will email while in hospital/at my sisters to let you all know the arrival of my lo as I am going to her house from the hospital as she doesnt want me to be on my own.
Anyhow, to all those that are due before me 20th March, good luck and I hope all goes well. I will be thinking of you. And to those that are still waiting keep going girls, we can do it - we're not men haha.
Love to you all


  • Hey Lottie,

    Good luck hun and keep us updated image

  • Hi Dottie
    All the very best of luck - hope all goes well for you xx
    I've still got another 14weeks & 3days of work (not counting down much Lol)!!!
    Keep us posted, Take care
    Sarah xx
  • Good luck Dottie I'm sure you'll be great!! Let us all know how it goes once you've left us for the newborns forum! I've still got ages to go unfortunately (i'm 15+3) and am so desperate to meet my little bump already!! Take it easy hun and enjoy your last few weeks of rest and relaxation image xxxx
  • hi dotie just wanted to wish you the best of luck and i hope everything goes well for you. keep in touch babe

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