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Soooooo tired

Hi ladies,
Just thought id ask if anyone else is feeling extremely tired all the time. I thought the second trimester was wen ur supposed to perk up and glow, well its defo not working for me. Im 23weeks and im finding staying away a great struggle, and im aching all over. Is anyone else experiencing this? Please tell me im not on my own is this world of tiredness. Kerry xxx


  • God no, I'm there as well! I'm not as tired as I was but I ache all over and I can't get properly comfy in bed so I wake up feeling like I haven't been asleep. I don't think spending all day running around after a toddler is helping!
  • I'm 10wks and struggling to keep my eyes open at this time every day. Also fell asleep on the sofa at 9.30 last night and had to be put to bed ! S x
  • Im 22+6 and so so tired so def not alone! Feel like i did back in early days. Been signed off work till Thursday with stress and high blood pressure so maybe thats why tired just hope it goes!!!

  • I was really lookin forward to 'blooming' in the second trimester, but i'm 23+4 and it stil hasn't happened yet, so i've given up hope! When i get home from uni i'm too tired to do nethin and fall asleep on the sofa every nite. so ur def not alone!
  • Hi, yes, I'm starting to flag a bit too in the afternoons - also my feet have started swelling up = my fault as wearing wedge boots = better get the flatties out. never mind chelle x
  • Am always feeling cream crackered lately - am 24+3! its definately better than the first trimester but am still getting tired after work & have no energy to do anything - am letting the washing pile up til i get a sudden burst!!
    Sarah xx
  • So glad im not the only one, I dnt remember feeling this tired first time round, but i suppose im not help myself as im not exactly eating any energy boosting foods. Come on "blooming stage" im now ready to look and feel great, ha ha ha Kerry xxx

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