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Bottle feeding newborn in hospital

Hi everyone,

I am going to be bottle feeding my baby because I have to take a contraceptive pill to completely stop my periods, this causes problems with my hormones which stops me producing milk. When I gave birth to my son Levi in 2003 he was breast fed, because I am bottle feeding, does anyone know what the procedure is with the hospital on arrival of baby? Do I need to take formula, bottles etc with me to the hospital or do they provide it all? I will be seeing my midwife next week so I will discuss it then but just wondered if someone could give me a heads up first off.

Lynz x


  • I think it might depend on the hospital. My lo was breastfed but I think that my hospital provided little bottles of formula (they had different makes) and teats for mums that were bottle feeding. Your midwife should be able to tell you what the policy is in your area.
  • yes the hospital provide the milk so dont worry they do just about every brand a well .
  • i would take bottles and formula to hospital and ask the midwives to sterilise bottle whilst you are in labour so everything ready for lo when s/he arrives. that way you can also make sure you stick to the same formula instead of buying the one the hospital provides from supermarket. am i making sense? think my brain turned to cheese! lol!
  • hiya,
    ive bought steribottles (from birth) and sachets of sma gold they make up 41/2 oz ,think its the quickest and easiest way if your hospital dont provide them,
    mine does i think but taking them just incase mw get funny bout not breastfeeding.
    dont plan to stay in to long! hopefully all goes wel.
  • I was in hospital for 5 days after c section. My hospital asked me what formula i wanted and kept bringing me loads. Ive never heard of anyone round where i live having to take their own formula in!
  • I have never heard of having to take your own bottles formula etc in thats not right my hosp asked what i wanted and kept bringing me loads which was good as i wanted sma gold but with my little girl being small she needed prem teats and couldnt keep sma down as was really mucusy and sma is quite a thick milk the hosp then advised aptamil and she took to that better must say it was very useful they even gave me about 10 bottles and teats ready made to take home with me so i didnt have to rush out an buy formula and start sterilising the same day i got home Sophie 32+1 xx

  • As far as I know when you are in the hospital they provide you with the formula. My lo was in SCBU and the formula was provided.
  • all hospitals now r feeding friendly they r not in anyway allowed to go against ur decision of feeding no matter wot there personal opinions r they can advice on wots best but in no way interfear wit how u choose to feed there for all hospitals SHOULD provide the baby formula of ur choice and teats to suit ur baby. good luck and take care

    soulmate 39+2
  • The hospital where i am giving birth (tameside general, manchester) do not supply formula milk so i have to take in those ready made cartons myself. they do supply sterilised bottles though. they say they only encourage breastfeeding. im formula feeding but this does make me feel overpresured to BF when i just dont want to.
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