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just been told iam gonna have another big baby

iam 30 weeks pregnent with my 5th baby iam a diabetic and have been for over 10 years i only got it through pregancy with my second child who was 2 weeks late and he then weighed in at a bouncing 13llb 1oz i was told by th time i had him he would weigh 8,9llb and they got that very wrong i had him normaley which was not easey 2 do he nearley died because ov his weight but luckley he never and after a lot ov help he was fine then with my 3ed baby i was induced at 37 weeks and he weighed in at 10llb14oz even tho he was earley he was ok my then my 4th baby i was induced at 37 weeks and he weighed a normal 7llb7oz now with my 5th baby iv been haveing 2 have groth scans every mth to cheek on baby size up until now her size has been ok but they have told me to day that she is at th large scale line and if iam honest iam devoed i have allways set my heart on haveing a small baby iv brought all new born stuff but if she weighs more than 10llb none ov th stuff will fit her iam i just beening silly i dident want another huge elephant and iam gutted my boyfriend sais just be glad she is healthy which yes iam but i just feel funny now th hospital siad they will induce me at 39 weeks but when i go to th hospital next week i want 2 know why they wont induce me at 37 weeks like my past 2 have been then at least she wouldent b as big then i realy hate my body 4 produceing such big babys even tho yes iam very lucky 2 b able 2 have childern but my head is now all over th place with wot iv been told 2 day :? diane


  • I do sympathise with you...joshua weighed 9lb 5oz so nowhere near as big as 13lbs but all through my pregnancy i was told baby would be about 6-7lbs...even when i was in labour MW kept saying 7lbs and when he came out he was so big and swollen there was no rush of love believe me! now hes my chunky monkey but im worried about getting pregnant and having a bigger baby. All you can do is spk to MW and docs and tell them your concearns...if in doubt you may have to do a lot of exchanging for bigger sizes. Hope things work out for you xxx
  • aww hun, try not to beat yourself up about it, its not your fault, I sort of know how you feel about wanting a smaller baby, I have 4 children my first was 9lb 10oz my 2nd was 10lb 12oz my third was 8lb 5oz so was tiny to me and my 4th was 9lb 6oz, people do make thoughless comments about a babys size and i did used to get upset when people said my babies were huge or massive now i just say theres all the more to love. try not to get too upset about it coz there really is nothing you can do about it.
    I always thought i would like a smaller baby but my sil just had a 5lb 8oz baby and whilst he is lovely and tiny i really wouldnt know what to do with one that size, he just looked so fragile.
  • Hi my two were big but not as big as 13 lb bless ya, my daughter was 8lb 9 1/2 and my son was 10lb, im on no 3 and i get a little stressed about the size this one could be not because of the size and looking big just getting it out as my son got stuck and had to have forceps, but i couldnt have a tiny baby would be scared of breaking it as they look so fragile and when they are bigger they look and feel much stronger and i just love there little chubby bits you could just eat them lol
    Like your oh says she is healthy and try not to get to upset as there is nothing you can do except like you said see if they will induce you at 37 weeks like your other two. I have to have a scan at 36 weeks to check on the size and if this one is big they might induce at 38 or 39 weeks but hopefully i dont feel as big as last time.
    good luck and take care.
    vikki xx
  • maybe as they are letting you go to 39 weeks baby isn't as big as the others?! def. ask them. have you talked to your midwife about how you are feeling hun? because tbh it sounds like are quite depressed at the mo. and i think it would benefit you to talk things through before baby arrives.
  • I know it is a daunting task but I know that they have tried to do inductions/ sections later (at 39 wks instead of the previous 37) to improve the outcome for babies. I had polyhydramnios so was 4 foot round at the end of my preg and begged to be started off but they refused and in the end I asked a MW colleague why and she explained the babies can suffer severe effects of prematurity even a few weeks before due date and so they try and leave them cook as long as possible now!
    Best of luck- focus on the positive, you can't do anything to stop her growing and she's healthy. xxxxxxx
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