feel awful :-S

I just wanted to get this off my chest. So I've been invited to a good friends wedding back home in June, when I'll be 35 weeks.

I really want to go but my hubby is a bit worried about us going in case anything is up with baby or me. So have asked her when she has to give final numbers. As when we got married we had to give final numbers 10 days before our wedding. (with the thinking that I could have a midwife appt just before that date. So that we can check that all is ok) do you think this was a bad move?? I now feel awful as I got married last Aug and remember how stressful it was with people messing me about with RSVP's or just not bothering replying to me at all.

Sorry to bother you all with my trivial problems. I just don't want her to fall or be annoyed with me over it.



  • if she is a good friend she should understand that your trying to do right by her! My best friend is getting married Sept and i'm just in July i'm also her brides maid but wont be able to by a dress till then because its my first pregnancy i just have no idea what size ill be but she has been very kind ... i even offered to step down to make it easier for her (even tho i didnt really want to) and she told me that its important to her she gets married and that she asked me (before i was pregnant lol) but asked me because of how close we are and how important to her... she even asked me before both of her sisters and that is much more to her than if i can get myself into a matching dress that late in the game! xxx
  • I would just tell her you'll be there, you can rearrange a midwife appointment! I know all areas are different but I'm 33 wks and my appointments are once every 3 weeks and will change to once every fortnight soon so there are still long gaps between each one. I guess it depends if you have problems with the pregnancy but you should be fine, I still feel great and would give anything to go to a wedding lol. I'm so determined to get in a holiday (only a caravan break mind u as my ohs parents have a caravan) before my due date and by the time the weather is OK I'll probably be 38 weeks but will still go! LOL xxxxx
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