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First time on here, but after 3 miscarriages (all in 2007, with 2 ERPCs), I saw a fertility specialist on Monday, and he diagnosed 'sticky blood'. Apparently my blood clots more than normal, and clots the connective tissue between me & the growing baby, whereby eventually it blocks blood & nutrients to the foetus. Baby doesn't grow at the proper rate, and eventually dies.

I have been prescribed aspirin, and heparin injections which I am to have daily as soon as I next fall pregnant, for the full term. This will increase my chances of getting to full term.

My question is, is anyone in the same boat. How good are my chances?
All fingers & toes crossed
Thanks, Sweep


  • Sorry to hear about your 3 mcs. I had same tests as you after 3 and I was negative for sticky blood. However I remember someone posting here a few months ago in same situation - she was now taking hepain and successfully pregnant as I recall (has 'bean' in their user-name I think). I think is it good news that they have found some reason for your mcs and this is relatively easy to treat. Dr gave me heparin and aspirin for my last pregnancy 'just in case' but I still mc last Dec because sticky blood wasn't the cause and they can't find out why. Injections are not very nice - I had to put them in my thighs or stomach fat!, but worth it in the end I'm sure.
    Hope this helps
  • Hi

    So sorry to hear about your mcs. I know how difficult it can be.

    After 2 mc my recent blood tests have shown that I am DVRRT positive (which means I am prone to clotting as I understand it). The consultant has advised me to take 75mg aspirin daily and made me give another blood sample to check for something else as she suspects I may need a daily injection. I didn't ask what this was at the time as i have a huge fear of needles, but after reading on here, I think it's herepin, what you are talking about.

    I have started my daily aspirin but waiting for the bloods results when i next visit for my appointment in about 5 weeks or so now. I was told that if I found myself PG in the meantime, then I needed to call them asap for a consultation about the injections. I'm quite worried about this, although I know it's good news that they will be able to help me.

    Try to think positively about it. I'm sure we'll both succeed with extra help on our side.

    Just shout if you want a natter. I may call on you for some PMA when I have a bad day too - I'm a bit up and down at the moment.

    Lots of love and luck,

    Em xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi there, I have no experience of this personally but a friend of mine has this condition and was treated this way with her pregnancies. She has 3 healthy boys. I feel I must point out that all boys were prem, maybe that's normal with this condition.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck. xx
  • Hi, the boys were all born at around 34/35 weeks so not majorly early. xx
  • Your welcome hun. I can understand how worrying this is for you but take a little comfort in the fact that now your condition has been diagnosed, once you get pregnant you will be monitored very closely so any potential problem will be picked up quickly.
    Good luck hun. xx
  • Hi

    sorry to hear about your miscarriges we have lost 2 babies one at 8 weeks and one at 20 weeks. I had the test for sticky blood and it was negative. i am now 25.4 weeks and have been taking asprin since 5 weeks. baby growing but i have reduced blood flow to the baby so they are monitoring me closely. i have scan every 4 weeks and blood pressure checks in between.

    it is scary but they do keep a close eye which does help - i wish you all the best.

  • Hi, I have a condition called FactorV Leiden. This causes clotting etc. We have three healthy boys all born to term. When I was first pregnant my initial consultant put me on heparin injections at 20 weeks, I was then transferred to another consultant who decided it would be best for me to have injections only after babies were born for 6 weeks, to prevent clotting. Sadly I did have a m/c in August 2006 after 2 boys. I became pregnant again in January 2007 and have a lovely 6 months old 3rd boy. It is heartbreaking to suffer a m/c, I am so very lucky to have my boys but every day I think about the baby I lost. I know we have different conditions but I hope my story gives you hope. Lots and lots of luck, big hug Tracy
  • Hi jane, bit dozy of me not realizing you were already pregnant!! Doh!!
    Yes I am ttc at the mo. ( well, AF 2 days late but BFNs up to now!! image
    I already have 3 monsters age 8, 6, and 3 so I must be mad eh!!
    Take care hun. xx
  • hey sweet
    i have a condition called Factor V Lieden which means i'm prone to blood clots. As soon as i found out i was pregnant again i had to be put on Heparin injections unfortunately the bloomin' hurt like hell but its was totally worth it, it prevented me getting another DVT &P.E. I also think this is partly what caused me to have a m/c at the start of 06.
    It'll really help i carried to full term in fact i was 5 days late! so not to worry you'll be closely monitered by your haemaphillia consultant so just relax!
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