ante natal classes


Just a quick question i went to ante natal classes when i was pregnant with my son 18 months ago, although it wasnt too long ago that i went to these classes i really wanted to go to them again this time round (im due in july) but my mw has said that i dont need to, so will prob have to pay for private classes.

Has anyone else been told this?


  • When i went last time everyone were first time parents apart form one couple who had a 12 year old daughter. so maybe shes right, would like to go again though x
  • thats a bit unfair!i was wondering when my mw was gonna mention them 2 me as i'm 30 wks n not been told anything.Maybe its cuz i already have 1 child.I never went when i was pregnant last time tho so thought it wud b gud 2 go this time!
  • a lady in my nhs class had a 3 year old already. i dont think you should miss out cause you've had one, things change so often you should still be allowed to attend! kick up a stink!

  • some hospitals do a refresher course, see if yours does xx
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