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Think spotting is gone - at last!!!

Well I hope I havent jinxed myself here but after spotting for about 10/12 days (light brown mainly with no cramps or pain ) I think its finally gone yay!!!! Have another early scan booked for Thur when I will be 8 weeks so feeling a lot more optimistic that the little bean will be ok image


  • Oh wow that's great. I had constant brown spotting for almost my whole 1st tri so I know how worrying it is. I am 33 weeks now though, so it defo does work out, and it shows that bleeding in pregnancy is so common & often harmless! Good luck for the early scan xxxxx
  • so glad that the spottings gone and i hope when you have your scan that all is ok. I have no real further bleeding, mostly pale pink spotting and only when i wipe. Fingers crossed for both of us and take care.
    Filo x
  • Big fingers crossed for you both.xx
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