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Not pregnancy related but need advice


Sorry this has nothing to do with my pregnancy but I don't know if any of you might know the answer.

I sold my car to a guy that my husband worked with for ??800 we agreed that he would pay me ??400 at the end of feb and ??400 at the end of March (was all written in receipt and signed etc). The day after he took the car he lost his job therefore his income and wasn't able to pay me any money at the end of feb so we arranged for him to give me some at the end of this month. He has now rung me and said he still has no money and cannot pay me this month.

Obviously I am worried this is going to drag out for many months and that I am never going to get my money. According to what was written in our reciepts I would have all the money by the end of April, but I can't see this happening. If by then I have still not recieved any money from him can I go down a legal route? or am I stuck becuase the log book has already been changed over to his name therefore making the car his, the only reason I let the car be put in his name is because he is friends with my hubby but that seems to have back fired.

Any advice would be appreciated. If what I have written doesn't make sense just let me know :S



  • Hiya,
    I would have thought that seein as u have sumthin sayin that he will pay u that kind of forms a contract so u shud b able to get the money from him by goin down a legal route.
    The best thing tho is to prob ring citizen's advice cos they shud know wot u can do
  • I have thought about calling them I will sort something out tomorrow.

    I'm quite mature and sensible minded when it comes to things like this but my husbands suggestion is to go round his house with a baseball bat and stay there until he gives me my money lol unfortunately I don't think this will achieve anything!

    If anyone has any other opinions I would really appreciate it. I'm worried about asking CAB and them laughing at my like I'm a fool for giving this person my car without taking any money up front. I already feel like a tit image


  • Tbh i would've done the same, u thought seein as he is hubby's friend he'd pay up, I'm sure they get phone calls bout that all the time, it prob also helps u've got sumthin in writin cos i'm sure there are loads of ppl whojst hav verbal agreements. Hope it gets sorted out
  • Me too image

    I hate being taken for a ride I rung him today and he said "I'd love to help you out but I have no money" and I just wanted to jump down the phone and strangle him, it's not a case of helping me out it is money he owes me and it was to pay for my 4d scan which luckily my borther in law is now paying for us as a birthday pressie to me.

  • If it were me I would tell him has two choices, either cough up the money or return the car. If you have it in writting I would have thought that would be enough to persue a small claims case if needs be and if you tell him you have spoken to citizens advice and they have said that it might scare him into coughing up! It's always difficult when it is someone you know, I probably would have done the same thing as well.
  • Hi hunny,

    I'm not too sure about your rights as far as signing the log book over but i can sympathise with you. At the beginning of last year my partner lost his job, we had no income and a 5 month old, so we decided to sell are car to my best friend of 8 years, to make ends meet. She couldnt afford to pay it all up front so we agreed that she could pay us ??200 per month (the car was ??850) but she only paid me once and then disappeared. I rang her and begged that she would sort something out but she didnt think it was a big deal if she paid me as and when she wanted to. (she lives at home with her mum and dad so has no finacial obligations) I eventually got all of money after about 8 months but our relationship was ruined. I'll never do anything like that again.

    hopefully if you go to CAB they can help you out GOOD LUCK!!
  • I'm with Bedgead Caz He gives back the keys or pays up. If he has no job then he has no money to pay for petrol anyway so he shouldn't be going out in it anyway. Hope you get it sorted, I'd do the same as you by the way, especially seeing as your OH knows him, you don't expect to be treated like that by friends.
    Good luck
    Em x
  • hello, my partner is in the car trade and i asked him what he thought.
    He said because the log book has been signed over as far as the dvla are concerned it belongs to him. he for example could claim if you took it further that he gave you cash?
    Maybe you should persevere and keep asking him to pay up as it will cost you more in the long run if you try and take it to a small claims court.
    As far as the police would be concerned its his car.
    does this help ? i hope you get your money

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