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He loves me? He loves me not?

My lo is nearly 16 months old and I'm not really sure if he loves me or hates me! I've always felt that he likes my oh better than me and he's always been able to handle him better than me. I work part time but I'm still the one that he spends the majority of his time with. Recently he has been crying when I leave him and being REALLY clingy. But on the other hand he's taken to hitting me and biting me and basically getting really stroppy and brat like with me but with my oh he's fine.
Has anyone else found this?
I just wondered if it was his age or a phase or......??
Vic xx


  • I think as the main carer for your son he'll show all his emotions to you the easiest, if that makes sense? My eldest still plays up the most for me (and he's 5yr old!) yet is still very loving.
    Do you both discipline your lo or is it mainly you? If daddy just does the good stuff, it may explain why he plays up for you?
    Has he hit the terrible twos early?! Mine was about 18mth and it lasted for ages! He's now like a stroppy teenager....hoping that's it now for him...just the other 2 to go at now!
    Is he in nursery? Behaviours can change when los mix with others and pick up bad habits.
    Sorry a bit rambled, try to focus on the positive and praise that rather than dwell on the negative behaviour. I'm sure he loves you to bits but is perhaps going thru a rough patch. Chin up!
  • Millie is just the same with me (I am at home full time), one minute she is being absolutely horrible to me, the next she has her arms round my neck giving me huge sloppy kisses! I think that like alioli says they can express their emotions best to there main carer. Yesterday Millie was looking at a picture of me and oh and I asked her who was her favourite and she pointed straight to me so that made me feel alot better about the abuse lol.
  • It's a really tough one. My daughter is 3 1/2 and last year she would go through phases of telling me she liked Daddy best or vice versa which is really hurtful even if you know they don't really know what they are talking about. Eventually instead of getting wound up I just started saying 'Oh, that's nice' and changing the subject. She's not done it for months now (finger's X'd)! I think it was largely to do with the fact that she started nursery last September and was taking it out on me as I was the one doing the dropping off, whilst my OH or my mum were the 'good guys' picking her up as I was at work. She also had a phase of tantrums with us around Christmas, we would take her to her room, shut the door, sit on the bed and just let her blow herself out. She knew we were there for her, but we weren't directly giving her behaviour attention and that seemed to do the trick. Good Luck!
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