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getting frustrated now

At not feeling bump move.

I am 19 weeks gone today and I can feel nothing.
I am not having regular check ups to see all is OK, and I don't want to get one of the home doppler coz I know I would be obsessive about it.

When I had Jack and Ashleigh I had loads of movement by now, so this is proper doing my head in.
I am quietly confident all is OK. If bump was going anywhere she would have gone by now I know that, but it is so gutting that I can't feel her.

I am not worried about not bonding with her coz I love her to pieces already, but you know what it is like. Feeling the movements make all the sickness and crap worth it.

Kinda feeling let down.
Trust me to get a lazy one LOL.

Well I say that, she was proper running from the midwife 2 weeks ago, but I couldn't feel a thing.


  • It might be that ur placenta is in a funny position, that happened to my friend who hardly felt her baby throughout the entire pregnancy, but she was told her plecenta was lying infront of baby, which was cushioning all the movements. Even tho this is ur 3rd 19wks is still relatively early and mw wont really be concerned until ur past the 22wks mark (thats wat i was told anyway). Im sure all is fyn and lets just hope u can feel baby soon. Kerry xxx
  • Yeah I have been told about the placenta.

    I know all that, it is just frustrating as I never had this before.
  • Hiya

    I know exactly what you're going through. Im 22 weeks+2 and i only felt the baby kick on monday ( 2 days ago ) it was really frustrating and disheartening so i i know what you're going through

    Hope u feel her soon xx
  • Hi Elsbeth! I didn't feel my baby until almost 20 weeks, so I know how you feel. I have the placenta at the front as well. The movements were very small kicks but at about 24 weeks, they get stronger. And it is great when you get further on as the movements don't hurt like some people say they do, because they aren't as violent, lol.

    I have got a doppler and it's really good, I used it up until about 24 weeks and since then I haven't needed to use it.

    I have a right lazy one as well and from reading this post I have only just realised he hasn't moved even once today! image I hope he does before tomorrow as I really don't want to go to hospital!! Still - not too worried as I said he is lazy. My mum said it was awful with her 2 cos we were both so active apparently and when she didn't feel anything for a few hours she got in a right panic.

    Oh yeah I wanted to add have you had your scan yet & if not are you going to find out what you're having? Cos I know u always thought ur having a girl xxxxx

  • My scan is on the 31st.
    I'm not excited persay, but it will be so nice to know for sure then I can order my pram. I am waiting coz the one I am getting comes in so many colour options I need to know lol.

    I never used to feel Ashleigh move when I got bigger, which was proper odd, from 34 weeks I had to go to day assessment every day. Such a pain in the arse. They used to hook me up, spend 10 mins trying to get her to sit still long enough to monitor her, then she would go kick crazy.
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