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what a hideous 48 hours.

Well after being told that I can't be at work because of slapped cheek syndrome going about in the little end of the school and then falling over in town I thought that Monday had been pretty horrid.
That was until I woke up in excrutiating pain Tuesday morning.
The all too familiar agony of a kidney infection taking hold. Normally I get a day of mild cystitis pain first but oh no straight into agony this time. So that was me rushed to hospital then. IV fluids, antibiotics and paracetamol (that didn't really sort out the pain but did bring down the fever eventually) oh and the so called anti sickness tablet that made me sick (that was fun :roll: )
I did this when I was first pregnant with my son so while everyone was telling me that it could be an ectopic pregnancy I was yelling at them I knew exactly what was wrong and the sooner they listened to me the sooner I would start feeling better (I've had UTI's and kidney infections since I was 18 months old. Kinda know what they feel like now.)
Still I'm home now with a shed load of tablets (all of which are "okay" to have while expecting :lolimage

On a brighter note my OH was absolutely terrified and he actually cooked last night and is coming home early to go to the docs with me (when I say cooked he actually only took some breaded chicken goujons out of the freezer and did them with salad, but hey it's a start :lol: )

Hope everyone else has had a better week so far and got a good easter weekend planned.x


  • Sorry to hear you've had such a rubbish 48 hours! My friend gets kidney infections too. My husbands the same, his "cooking" is either going out to get a take-away or cooking some chicken chargrilles, oven chips and peas! my little girl had slap cheek a while ago too, she got over it fairly quickly though, hope the same goes for your son.
    Hope you start to feel better soon.
  • My son doesn't have slapped cheek. I work in a school.
    Although if he comes home with the attitude that he had yesterday it might not be a bad idea :lol:
    He's 10 and thinks he knows it all, deserves it all and nevermind anyone else. God help us when he's a teen :lol:
  • Oh Tarotwitch, sounds like you've been thru the mill a bit there! I hope your on the road to recovery and feel better soon! Your OH's "cooking" sounds familiar!!!!!!
    Take care
    Sarah xx
  • I get the feeling that maybe we should get OH's off to a cookery school :lol:
  • Oh I see! sorry, thought you meant your son had slapped cheek! The pregnancy seems to have totally taken over my brain, anyone else have that?! My little brother is 11 and he's been a cheeky little so and so since her turned 10! Hope you start to feel better soon.
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