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Can't cope with the sickness - has anyone got any tips??

Hi all - wonder if any of you could share some advice please... i'm about 6-7 weeks gone and I am literally sick and nauseous from the moment I wake up till I go back to bed again. I can barely force food down and work is a nightmare as I just can't concentrate because of the sickness. I had my first midwife appt yesterday and she was lovely but had no sympathy for the sickness or any remedies to offer me!

I'm not moaning (much!) but hopefully there will be some remedies out there that could ease this a bit?

Abby xx


  • You poor thing - it's the pits isn't it?

    The only things that seemed to help me were having a cup of tea in bed before I even got up (this didn't happen very often due to DH working nights and not being there when I got up!) with Rich Tea biscuits. Ginger is supposed to help - but I couldn't eat ginger biscuits because they made me feel sick. Ginger beer was another life saver - had to be the proper one in the yellowy can though, cos the others are too syrupy and sickly. Go to Holland & Barrats for some ginger capsules.

    Other than that if you get to the point where you can't keep water down, like Zoey said, go to your GP. Apparently there are tablets you can get now that are much safer than the old stuff.

    Good luck and hope it settles down for you (I was around the 14 week mark as well)

  • My morning sickness was terrible up until I was about 14 weeks, I couldnt even keep down water but the dr refused to offer me anything for it! Its better now though and I find ginger really helpful, I keep a packet by my bed and suck on one until I have to get up and I find that helps quite a bit.
  • I've been lucky enough not to ahve any sickness, just a little nausea now and again.
    Anyway my friend said the only thing that helped was setting her alarm 30 mins before due to get up, eating a dry digestive and a sip of milk in bed and then going back to sleep for half an hour. that was she had settled her stomach before she even attempted to get up.
    Good luck, S x
  • I agree with all the other ladies, i had really bad sickness with my son and then my mother in law suggested i have some ginger biscuits by the bed and had a few before i got up a with a cup of tea. My morning sickness stoped the day is started doing this and has worked this time round too.

    Hope you feel better soon x
  • ive heard ginger biscuits too alot of my friends that have got babies found they helped, i tried them when i was pregnant with my son but unfortunatly they gave realy bad heart burn so didnt help much for me xx
  • Just want to let you know that i know how you feel. Im 10 weeks and have been sick for the last 3 weeks. I have been off work for the last 3 weeks and my doctor was quite nice. I have not found any of the remedies such as ginger work for me but the doctor gave me gavison which lines the stomach and helps me keep fluids down. The important thing is keep fluid down, i have been told if i cant i have to go to hospital and be put on a drip. The doctor and midwife told me that the worse thing is if you get dehydrated. I was not willing to take anti sickness drugs and the doctor would not give them to me. I know they arent the same as they were years ago but personally didnt want to risk it, doesnt mean i dont think others should though.

    I have found the time off work has helped as moving about makes my sickness worse but i have to go back on tuesday. Try going to your GP cos you may find a sympathetic one like i did. Hope you feel better soon
  • Hello!

    I was really sick from 6-14 weeks 24 hours a day (night-time was horrendous) and tried absolutely every solution suggested and none of them worked! One thing that made me feel better was to talk to friends who had been just as sick because the well meaning advice from other people started to annoy me!!

    The only other thing that helped was to lie horizontal and not move for prolonged periods of time. I'm now 38+4 and only stopped being sick when I finished work 5 weeks ago and can still be sick if I have to get up early in the morning, move too much or quickly or get too tired!

    I have never had time off work previously but was eventually signed off work for 7 weeks in total (so I could stay in a horizontal position) - when you are that sick you can't function properly including work and pregnancy-related sickness does not go down on your sickness record (and that is a law!!!). I had a really good GP who actively prevented me going back to work too early (and he was right!!!). I agree with MKT86 - find a good sympathetic GP.

    Like somebody above I found gaviscon sometimes took the edge off if the nausea was severe and I really needed to do something. I also used to take it before going to sleep at night (and still do!!) as my symptoms were 24 hours a day and the gaviscon used to give me a 30 minute window to get to sleep (well at least for a couple of hours). And remember you can get the gaviscon on prescription.

    You have my complete empathy!
  • Just to echo what i said earlier and what PNEBairn has said keep going the docs til they listen to you. It was the 3rd GP i saw that was sympathetic and i have the biggest bottle of Gaviscon you have ever seen free on prescription. I also carry a small bottle in my handbag for the few times i have ventured out the house. Also avoid supermarkets, i nearly threw up in sainsburys when i got too close to the fish counter! Doctor told me which foods to avoid, ones that take a long time to digest, but i dont eat much anyway so i didnt pay that much attention! Oh and the only food i can usually keep down is rusks so maybe try them, i thought since they are made for little baby bellies they might be ok for me and they have lots of vitamins added.
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