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Saying goodbye to being pregnant...

Well, after 41 weeks and 3 days I will be having my baby! Can't believe this time tomorrow I could be holding my LO! I'm going in to be induced at 9am tomorrow and I am so excited, nervous, scared, happy...I'm a right mixed bag!!

So, after feeling like I've been pregnant forever (found out 4th July 2007) it will finally all be over and the real hardwork will begin! What have I got myself in for? lol!

Good luck to everyone else who still has a long time to go...

I'm graduating to the baby forum! Woot!!!


  • Good luck babe,

    Be sure to come back and visit and let us know how you and lo are. Obviously, we will expect all the gory details (not that there will be any - will be brill am sure) lol

    Take care,

    Love Lee
  • Blimey - you stretched the pregnancy as long as you could didn't you??? LOL.

    Good luck and enjoy that little bundle.

  • Good luck for today! Tammi xxx
  • Good luck Nicospoon & enjoy your lo! Wow you're making me excited, and I could have 7 weeks left! xxxx

  • good luck its my birthday to day so excellent day to have your lo x x
  • Good luck babe see you in the baby forum love kel and daisy x
  • I am thinking of you Nic and wondering if your lo has arrived yet.
    I can not wait to say goodbye to pregnancy and finally hold my lo. Due date is on Monday, but I have been pregnant for nearly a year now and very fed up. My last period was the 18th March 2007. I found out I was pregnant on the 21st April and then had a mmc at 8 1/2 weeks followed by a D&C.
    I never had another period and found out I was pregnant again on the15th July 2007. I must have fallen again within 2/3 weeks after mmc.
    Cannot wait to meet our very much wanted baby girl , but think I am going to be late, so trying to be patient, but finding this very hard.
    Takecare all,
    Mary & twinkle xxx
  • My birth story is now in the march mummies forum.
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