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Giving birth to a monster.....

OMG I just got back from the midwife and she told me I was giving birth to a "big baby" when I asked how big she said casually "ohhhh between 9 and 10 lbs I reakon" my jaw nearly hit the floor. I am going to have a toddler arghhhh!!!!

But seriously now, she said I will have to have scans to check on his growth. Has anyone else had a big baby and what are the possiblities? Could I end up having a c section or having to be induced. Why do they need to keep an eye on me?




  • Lol bless you! My friend just had a bubba he weighed 8lbs 12ozs. My son was born weighing 5lbs 14 ozs so sorry i'm not much help there but as for c section you will only need one if your pelvis is small or you need an emergency one whilst in labour so i would relax!

  • dont take the midwifes word, as i got told i was having a huge baby and got sent for extra scans, and was told everyting was ok, went back to midwife got told she was going to be a big baby, when millie was born she was 8lb 5oz, x

  • I've got a massive pelvis lol I think I could fit a 12lber out if i tried lol.

    She was such a lovely midwife and I was totally convinced about what she was saying, she said my expression made her laugh. But she did say I had wonderful stomach muscles (didn't even realise I had any lol) and that I would be a good "pusher" ha!

  • lol massive pelvis! I too believe in being big boned lol. I'm sure you will be fine although i would suggest buying bigger baby gros lol.

  • Try not to worry too much, they would only give you c-sec if they thought baby would get stuck.

    I asked my mw first time round if I was having a big baby- she said no- and my daughter was 8lb 9oz (that's quite big in my opinion!) but the best thing was she told a friend of mine that her baby wouldn't be big but he weighed 10lbs! (she had him naturally with hardly any pain relief and no intervention so can be done, esp if you have a massive pelvis lol!)

    This time the mw said my baby is running out of room so I'm guessing that means it's massive and I'm getting a bit scared!

  • My husband was only just over 5 lb when he was born and he came only 1 week early and I was 8lb something and I came 10 days early so it can't be heredatory (sp) maybe I just grow big babies lol.

    Or.... perhaps he is growing quickly now and he will slow down and/or stop growing slightly earlier than normal. Or..... maybe the mw is completely wrong and I will have a normal size adorable baby that will fit into the lovely baby gros I have bought and I won't have wasted money (fingers crossed lol)

  • My normal mw wouldn't even tell me how much he will weigh as she said it is so hit and miss. All she said was 'big but not too big'. The chart says 8lbs 14oz at term so I am quite scared lol, but I asked a different mw as my normal one was away at my last appointment and she said just over 8lbs and to ignore the charts.

    I wouldn't listen to them personally. My oh's aunt was told she was going to have an 10lb-er at term. Her lo was 2 weeks overdue and he weighed 8lb 14oz. Still a big baby, but not as big as predicted. xxxx

  • i was told my son would have been a big baby the midwife thought around 8 pounds but when he was born was only 6 pound 9 so not quite as big as they thought we ended up buying pre-born baby grows for him as newborn wouldnt fit him for the first 3 weeks and he wasnt early he came on his due date so wouldnt worry to much xx
  • Hi ya, try not to worry too much, its so difficult to tell cos you could have a lot of water retention it may not be a big baby.

    Are you measuring bigger than what you dates say you should be? I was measuring 38 weeks when i was 36 weeks, my MW thought joshua would be 8lbs or so and even when I was in labour the MW said I wasnt having a big baby...and he was 9lbs 5oz ouch! I had an assisted delivery by vonteuse so sort of natural...have an epidural and you'll be fine!!! By the way I was only 6lbs at birth but my oh was 9lb 12oz and so was his sister so I blame him lol. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxx
  • don't worry about, they are very often wrong. my first was 6lb, the second was 8lb 6, the 8lber was 10 times easier!

    My dad was 11lb8 and a home birth, with no pain killer at all! don't stress over size, just concentrate on a positive birth experiance!
  • I am going to have every drug going whether he ends up being big or not lol

  • Don't worry! I was 9 1/2 lb when I was born but I was 65cm long. My mum says that I was far and away the easiest (I have a brother and sister) as I was really long and thin!!
  • I was told i'm having a big baby and i ve to be watched a little nervous about it all too but the baby has got to come out regardless so try not to worry *she says with a nervous smile* lol xx
  • I don't know why they still estimate babies weights as it just scares people by saying they're big/small.

    I've been told twice that I was having really big babies and they were 7lbs3 and 6lbs13! Hardly huge huh?!
  • i have to go for growth scans at 30-34 weeks. as i am so small! so they need to check babies growth. my bmi is under what it should be ( even thought i eat sooooooo much!!) but i am naturally small. my friend also went for the growth scans as hers was under too but she didn't need to worry her little girl was over 9lb! and didn't even tear! the midwife wouldn't believe it! lol xx
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