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Ok, so joined Tesco mother and baby club and they send out a 'parking permit' which you write the cars registration number on and stick in the window of your car thus allowing you to park in the mother and baby spaces. I rang tesco clubcard to ask what happens if you and your husband have a car each and you often swap cars, does that mean only the one car with the parking permit is allowed to park in the mother and baby space. Girl on phone says it's fine to have two parkign permits and would send me another one out with hubby's car registration printed on it. I asked at the time 'do you have to have the permit stuck in the window to park in the space? are tescos planning on turfing you out of the space if you have no permit? Girl says that I need a permit to park in the space. So weeks later no second permit, email Tesco to find out what's happening. They say they have to investigate (lol). Finally get back to me today and you can only have one permit per house and it applies to only one car and if you don't display the permit you will be asked to move the car. Argh!!!!!!!!!!! So the bloomin permit has got your registration number written on it and you can't even put it in the other car cos that car has obviously got a different registration plate. So whether or not baby is the bl**dy car you get moaned at for parking there!!!! What a waste of time. Incidentaly when I was at tescos today shopping I walked past all the cars in the baby spaces and not one had this bloomin permit thing and no one had turfed them out. So I've decided that the permit thing is a bit pointless and I shall just park at the other end of the car park out of the way once baby is here . LOL!!!

Sorry for rant but the whole thing just seems a bit silly to me.


  • I never have had a permit and park in the bays when I have my lo with me - I have never ever been questioned as to why I have parked there and there are also lots of people who abuse it as usual.

    I think it's Tescos trying to make out that they're so right on and helpful with families etc but actually don't put the resources in to police it properly - the usual story I'm afraid. Also used to come across this all the time when I went out with my daughter in her wheelchair - complete ignoramouses using the disabled bays when they were perfectly able to walk and move and not even display a badge. Grrr.....still makes my blood boil that the shops do nothing about it.

  • Oh I grumbled at this bloke in Homebase car park on Wednesday! Hubby was so embarressed but it really annoyed me. Only one disabled space left, he zooms up into the space in his 'zooped' up car. I always look se eif they hav the badge and he didn't! No one was with him either. He got out still no sign of disabled badge, so I said do you know that's space for a disabled driver? He said 'pardon' so I said it again. He said oh right and went on into the shop!!! I went to the customer service desk and reported him. I felt better for it! But doubt anything was done about it!
  • I HATE Tesco! Have had a variety of problems with them (definitedly wouldn't recommend Tesco broadband), mostly because their customer service people LIE or tell you what you want to hear to get out of a tight spot.
  • Hi Girls,

    I must say I am also registered with Tesco parent club and have that permit sticker but never use it. I find this pointless. As some of us I have never had problem so far parking on mum with babies space with no permit sticker. I feel that the 'Baby on board' sign that most of us have should be enough to point to people that we are entitled to those spaces. What annoys me big time is that people who have no kids at all are using our spaces to park and most often when I go shopping there is no mum and baby space where I can park. It happens to me quite often when I go to Morison. Once I saw this old man in front of me parking to one of the mum with baby space (that was the only one available) and I had no where to park. Until then I had never told off anyone but that time I just had to. He felt so embarest he moved his car straight away. I think people like this should be given tickets..not ignored. Also I think shops should provide more mums with babies spaces not just a had full.

    Have a nice evening everyone
  • Hi All this subject is also being discussed on the baby forum. I think this is a problem with most major stores now not just tesco. With regards to the permit I have one for my car and I have jsut applied for another one for our other car but have joined the club in my oh name. Most of the time I do my shopping in Asda and find that I don't have a problem there however if I go to somerfield its car park is tiny!!! Tried two spaces the other week and couldn't get out of the car once I was parked!!! Would be bad enough but with spd it was impossible so I ended up in a mother & baby space as it was the only thing I could do!
    Its about time all shops / supermarkets took notice as I am sure most house holds shopping is done by mums & dads with small children!
    Tammi xxx
    29 weeks
  • That's soooo stupid. I thought anyone could park in those mother & child spaces as long as they had a kid obviously, I never heard anything about needing a permit.

    It is lucky my oh works nights and I don't work so we are able to go shopping at a time when there are loads of spaces. (Which is helpful as I won't park between two cars!! Haha.)

    You would think they went round the car park keeping an eye on who parked in the disabled and baby spaces, checking to see if they had badges, child car seats, etc, but I don't think they do otherwise people wouldn't get away with parking in disabled...

  • This is on the subject of disabled parking, but sure it has happened with m and b 2.

    I used to work in a pub and on busy days like easter wkend etc, staff had to issue parking tickets

    There was a day where I went out and did this and the first place I went to was obv the disabled spaces. I issued bowt 4 tickets for non permit holders.

    I was then told by my superviser to go and post all the copies immediately and get out of pub quick.

    I soon found out why. When people walked in and said they had only parked in disabled space for 5 minutes etc, my manager wanted to just rip up the copy of the parking ticket and not send it.

    Never mind that these people are abusing spaces, as long as she didn't get a hard time.

    grrrrrrrrr. sorry bowt that but its so annoying|!!! xxxxx
  • I didn't realise you needed a permit, I live abroad so don't get back to the UK to Tesco very often but when I was back over last week we went and I parked in the mother and baby space and wasn't questioned. I did have a baby seat in the back of the car though which probably helped!
    I think as long as it is clear you have a baby with you then there isn't much to worry about xx
  • Got another email from tesco about my complaint! They say if I am in my hubby's car I have to park up, go into the store and ASK for a mother and baby permit then come out and put it in the car. So I will take baby in to ask for permit bring baby back out to put permit in the car and then take baby back in to do the shopping!!!! I can't believe them and they told me again I would be asked to move the car if I am not displaying a permit. What a load of rubbish, have been to tesco today with hubby and all the mother and baby spaces were full and no one had this silly permit in the window. All I wanted was to be honest and say I drive both mine and hubby's car so can I have a permit for our second car and all I get is gried. When I suggested I could perhaps write both number plates on the one permit I was told I would have my permit removed from me! Sorry for the rant but I just can't believe it!
  • Hi, I'd just like to add that I dont think its that cut-and-dried to police these spaces. I have quite often seen people with child seats park in the mum and baby spaces, but they dont have their kids with them! They should really be ashamed of themselves as they know what a struggle it is when you have baby/toddlers. But they seem to think that the fact they have kids entitles them to use these spaces irrelevant of the fact that their kids are not actually with them! So anyone policing the spaces would look in and assume that they are entitled to be there. I also agree that there should be more spaces. The only way my sis can ever find a space is when she goes straight from dropping her eldest at school. I am seriously considering doing my shopping over the internet when my lo comes along. xx
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