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Clary Sage Oil ????

Hi Ladies,
Does anyone know about Clary Sage Oil for the bath, I have read that it is good, but when?? Whilst in labour?? Just in General?? What does it do or help with?? When i googled it it said not to be used when pregnant which confused me because i know some midwifes recommend it. I have a bottle here unopened and just dont know what to do with it as it doesnt come with instructions.

Please help!!!

38 + 2

KNP xx


  • hi i am the same i got got some it help start labour off but i think it is recommend because it might start early labour but i am not sure. I am 37 weeks and think i am going to used it soon am seeing my doctor in 5 days and they are giving me a sweep so hoping to use it soon. you put 2 or 3 drops in the bath and have lots of the baths Sorry this might not be a lot of help i hope someone can help use good look from caz
  • Hi

    I used clary sage oil when I was about 38 weeks. It is supposed to promote labour but it didnt work for me. Appartently you can rub it on your bump (make sure you use a carrier oil with it, not on its own). I used it in the bath but I didnt like the smell of it!!!! I ended up with an induction at 41 weeks and then a csection.

    Hope it works for you!

  • Hi there,
    i used it from 37 weeks to try and induce my labour (didn't work). You put a one or two drops in the bath or in a burner. But be sure you don't use it too much because it can over stimulate your uterus. I found it really relaxing, bit over powering at first but you get used to it.

    When i went into labour i had a bath with it in (lavender oil goes well with it to), and later at the hospital the mw gave me some in oil to massage all over my belly, which i did 3 or 4 times. That helps to brings things on and keep you calm.

    Need any more advice just ask i will see what i can do. steph
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