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What was this?? (might be tmi)

Hi everyone,
Sorry in advance if this is too much info but...
last night something a bit wierd happened to me! I went for a wee and when I got up from the toilet I felt this horrible sensation of something pushing downwards on my lady bits, felt all faint and wierd and started shaking. It felt like I wanted to push but not like in labour where it feels like you're having a poo...my poor hubby was terrified that I was about to have the baby lol! Felt fine after about 10 mins but it was so strange, do you think it could have been the baby's head moving down? Has anyone felt something similar? Don't remember feeling that 1st time around!



  • Hi soz cant offer any advice but how far on r u?Cant you fone the mw just to get checked? xx


  • yeah thats exactly what happened to me! my baby went from being not engaged at all to being 2/5 during that little episode lol
  • Is it like overwhelming pressure? I get that after iv had sex. I think its muscle tightenings in the whole down below area!! Id get it checked out though.


  • I haven't felt it since and feel fine now, it was just a really strange feeling! I've got mw appointment in a week and a bit so will mention it then- I'm hoping it was just the head moving into position! Thanks for your replies. xxx
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