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When to buy?

Hi everyone
I'm 18 weeks pregnant with my second child and I was just wondering when everyone else is starting to buy baby things? we've kept the top 2 drawers of our chest of drawers in what will be the baby's room empty and I cant wait to start filling it with little outfits! we just came back from asda and they have some lovely little things. We're not finding out what we're having so we just want to buy neutral colors. So how soon is too soon to start collecting bits and bobs?


  • my opinion is its never too soon but then i just could'nt wait to get baby shopping!! we waited till after our 20weeks scan to get clothes but that was mainly cos we were finding out the sex. happy shopping xxx
  • hiya, i am 18 weeks i started getting a few outfits from the start really - its our first and we were very excited just couldn't help ourselves! we haven't got too much yet just a few outfits and the pram cos it was on offer thats at my mum in laws house. we r going to be decorating the nursery in a few weeks so after thats done we will buy more clothes and stuff xx
  • well I had the decision taken out of my hands! Hubbys arunt came over today and she'd been to asda and bought some little booties and vests and hats, I am really grateful but I did kind of want to buy the first things myself, but never mind at least this way the balls started rolling so I cant worry about it being too soon to buy now. When is everyone getting their prams?
  • I don't really believe in the connection of bad luck and buying baby bits n bobs, so I've started shopping :lol:

    Alot of our newborn clothes are coming from friends, so I've jumped ahead started getting 3-6 mnths! Neutral sleepsuits and vests, a few unisex outfits.... Adams have a half price sale on, I was in there this afternoon spent ??25 but got tons for my money, really pleased :\)

    Also taking advantage of the bogof offers in boots on baby wipes and cotton wool balls etc etc

    We need to change a few things round and rip the study out before we start buying furniture and prams, can't wait for when we can though!!!
  • I got a changing mat at about 15 weeks because I wanted to know if one of my dressers would be big enough to use as a changing area. I got a steriliser and breast pump not long after (as they were on a great special offer) and then since my 20 wk scan (which I had at about 22 weeks) I have been buying more bits and bobs and also the cot and mattress (also on offer). I've only bought a couple of outfits as will be getting lots of neutral hand-me down babygrows from my sister to use for first 3 months (more still if I have a girl too).

    I keep having slight panics about getting everything ready so went and got some hospital bag essentials today. (I know it's early yet but I feel reassured if it's all organised and I know that in the last few weeks I will be too busy sorting and nesting at home to be worried about going round the shops).

    Have fun filling your drawers!

    (26 weeks today)
  • At about 16 weeks when i first felt this one move we went out and bought one little neutral outfit, then after my 20 week scan we went mad for pink haha
  • I'm 17 weeks on Monday and i have a couple of bibs and a couple of sleepsuits and a pair of booties! I will start buying clothes after 20 week scan so i know what colour to buy then i will buy everything else at 30 plus weeks like i did with son as so not to jinx anything!

  • well I think I'll just start collecting little bits and bobs now and putting them in the drawers in baby's room. We already have a cot but need to get all the other things. Now the next thing is what to buy?! Baby is due on 31st of August so dont know how hot or cold it will be then. My mother in law keeps saying all we'll need is body suits because it will be too hot for baby grows, but I always thought babies felt the cold more? Really dont have a clue what to get!
  • Hi I dont know if they feel the cold more but I do know and only recently found this out. That they can't regulate there body temp. So they say its best to have layers I read someone that baby should have one more layer than you. To be honest I'm still quite confussed with it myself!! I'm due 4th august and I will be buying both if that helps you. xxx
  • my oh wouldn't let me buy anything untill after the anomly scan, which now i can see why because another one of the girls we knew, wouldn't say friend but more aquaintance! found she was pg same time as i did n had to have lo aborted at 20 weeks image kinda feel really bad though because she was due to have a boy n so are we.
    I coped with the ban imposed on me by just making lists of where we were going to get everything! lol;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • my oh went crazy and brought all the after 12 week scan as we were getting paid from 2 jobs so got it whilst we could afford iut !!!
    clothes we started to but in neautral as soon as my 20 week we went mad on colours but i hate typical baby blue s manly brought tops and jeans and things reallly cute !!!!
    were luckly as we hit the january sales in babies r us and got so much stuff inc travel system fr 120.00 and rest of bits and bobs half price!

  • well we've decided that we're going to start buying things when we see them and if they're on offer or something, but we just dont know what to buy! Baby grows, vests, cardigans??!
  • Hello,
    Unlike most ladies who have replied, I haven't brought much in terms of clothes. Im 31 wks and we dont know what we are having so we have stuck to neutral colours. I have brought a few things, such as body suits and mits etc. I hope to make sure i have everything s/he will need in hospital. I know my siblings have brought some clothes and said they are going to spoil the baby when it comes as its the first grandchild on each side. So im not planning on buying too much! In terms of other baby products, i didnt start buying until i was about 25 wks, but then again that was because my monthly income at the time was small. Now I have a better job we have all the main tings except choosing the travel system!

    all the best xxx
  • Hi

    We got a few bodysuits before the 20 week scan and decided to wait to get the bigger stuff. We went this weekend and got a few things although we are leaving them in their boxes until nearer my due date, boo hoo, I want to play with the gym and swing!LOL!

    We also ordered our buggy on saturday as we have gone for the Phil and Ted sports buggy and the store we are buying it from are including the second seat free which converts it to a double (this is our first baby but we hope to have another one!).

    We still have loads to get so its good to spread it out xx

  • i dnt dare but till i'm past the 24 wk mark but this is only because we lost our 1st baby at 23wks.(sorry to be negative!)but i think most people start buying once they r over the 12 wk mark,congratulations hun.I lv baby shopping!!! x
  • We haven't bought that much (i'm 16wks today), but my most excited mother has (you'd never guess it was her 1st grandchild!). We're thinking about finding out sex but not telling anyone (*well particularly mum) so they can't buy too much stuff, plus we thought about maybe running a betting book for sex & weight on side, for charitable cause.
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