scared of labour

hi all... rather new on this forum thing...but rather desperate for some advice.

i'm feeling a little anxious as the big day is creeping closer. but it's all been triggered by the fact that i've been experiencing LOADS of braxton hicks this weekend and have twice now had the dull period pain achey feeling. and also the leaky boobs have started.

this is my first pregnancy and i'm just wondering whether i should be concerned or whether this is just another one of those pregnancy niggles.



  • due 5 may.

    i'll be honest...i was excited about it before but i think just because it's getting so much more real now, that i feel a little overwhelmed. had to have a little cry on my other half's shoulder yesterday.
    i would rather have natural than caesarian but i suppose i've heard too many horror stories...
    and to top it all i thought i was damn lucky not to have a single stretch mark until i discovered 3 horrible purple ones this morning...but needless to say i cannot wait to meet the little person ive been carrying around all this time.

    it's comforting to read your advice...thanks... it true that it doesn't matter how much baby's head's can be all systems go any time?

  • i know what you mean...ignorance can be bliss!

    i am currently 4/5 engaged...haven't had anyone tell me whether they think bump will come late or early.
    will be seeing midwife next week wed again. got to do my birth plan this week in a birth plan class.

    are you also under consultants? high risk pregnancy? may i ask why?
    i am high risk as i had early bleeds and am a carrier of thalassemia.

    i take it by your time line that you are expecting a girl?
  • oh gosh...sorry to hear that...
    did you naturally conceive the triplets?
    we didn't find out the sex of ours. keeping it a surprise.

    goodness me...33cm already...are you uncomfortable at all? heartburn or shallow breathing?
    my other half keeps taking the mickey out of me...saying how big i am but i am now 34 weeks and 5 days and measuring 37cm.

    thalassemia...basically my red blood cells are half the normal size, so oxygen carried through slower. but i've only got it very minor whereas people who have it in worse cases have to actually have blood transfusions...but luckily i don't have to do that at all.
    chris, my other half had to be screened to see if he was a carrier as well...but isn't so chances good baby may not even have it at all, worst case...may be a carrier like me.
  • hi you 2, ive come to gate crash lol!

    i wouldnt worry about being scared of labour huni, im on my 3rd baby now due in 3 weeks and im feeling alright this time, other 2 i was very nervous in the run up to birth but im more excited about meeting my little girl this time.

    Its great that you are engaged, its a really good sign that things are getting ready down there! often you dont fully engage till labour so you might stay how you are just now untill the time comes. othertimes someone can be engaged for weeks (v.uncomfortable!) i've also heard that you engage sooner with your first child than others after.

    I hope that helps? goodluck! xx
  • hi sorry to crash ,

    i posted about this a while ago as i am petrified of labour. its actually a big phobia of mine so i know how you feel. im due 16th june and am dreading it but she is in there now and has to come out.
    i too have had braxton hicks a couple of times lately and they are not nice are they!!
    all i can say, cos its what im doing is ignoring all the horror stories that people are so keen to share.

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