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Well, I've already had 2 mc's (last one in feb), I fell pg straight away and found out last wk but really wasn't getting my hopes up - I wasn't even going to come on this site as I didn't want to jinx things. Anyway, last night woke up with a really painful cramp, this morning started spotting and have got tummy ache. I know it's happening again got a scan on mon. Why me? what have I done wrong?


  • Hi, dont really know what to say to make you feel better. Perhaps this time might be different and you are just experiencing cramps and spotting but things might work out. I know i cant really comment as ive never been through what you have in the past but i had cramps and spotting (twice) during this pregnancy.

    Can you get an earlier scan rather than having to wait until Monday which will seem a lifetime away for you?? How far gone are you?


  • Hi funkymonkey, remember you from last time babe. All I can say is that I had spotting and everything worked out. I hope it all works out for you babe! Keep us posted!
    Tammi xxx
  • Hey hun,

    I don't really know what to say, but I do remember when you last miscarried. Have the doctors told you why you did? and is there anything they can do to help?

    I really hope everything is ok all I can do if offer my support I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through.

  • my heart goes out to u it really does.

    uv done nothing wrong babe stop being hard on urself.

    my friend had 2 mc's and found out that her cervix wouldnt close - all it took was a stitch wen she next fell pregnant and she went on to have a baby girl.

    i know its the last thing on ur mind right now but talk to ur doc about having some tests done when ur ready - it could be down to something really simple.

    and fingers crossed that u havnt mc.
  • Hiya babe!

    I remember how upset you were in February. This time could be different, I had spotting at about 6 wks with this pregnancy and it was implantation - it could be that for you.

    If it isnt, then I am so sorry I have no idea except maybe your docs might now be able to refer you for other help to find out why. Could you go to EPU today to get a scan done as next Monday seems like ages away!

    I really am keeping my fingers crossed for you this time hon

    Love Lee
  • awww hun like someone else sed couldnt you get to have a scan earlier than monday your head will be in bits waiting
    ive never been thru what you are going thru hun but take care fingers crossed for you hugs vonnie xxx
  • You haven't done anything wrong! I remember what happened to you back in Feb & my heart goes out to you....

    I really hope this little one sticks and you go on to have a healthy pregnancy. 2 mcs aren't uncommon and neither is early bleeding/cramps - how far do u think u are?

    Lets hope everythings fine at your scan, and if not I really hope they find out why you mc. In the majority of cases its something fixable and I know u will go on to have a baby soon xxxxx


  • hi funky monkey i remember your story too and i really do hope this time is different for you. Every one else has said what i wanted to say . look after yourself x
  • goodluck for monday, i hope its good news for you XX
  • heya hun, you've dun nothing wrong. hope that everything works out for you. gud luck for monday and let us konw how you get on xxx
  • heya hun, you've dun nothing wrong. hope that everything works out for you. gud luck for monday and let us konw how you get on xxx
  • Oh honey. I know it's hard considering what you've been through but try not to think the worst. It could be implantation bleeding and you can get some cramps with this too. I agree you should go to your local early pregnancy clinic so you can have a scan before Monday, just to put your mind at rest as worrying isn't going to help you. Fingers crossed it's good news. Big hugs xxxx
  • Hi funkeymonkey...I have followed your stories and just wanted to say huuuuuuuge positive thoughts being sent out to you for Monday and lots of sticky dust.

    Katie.x x x
  • Aw hon, I know it's hard, but try not to think the worst just yet. I have also had 2 mc (both missed) but inbetween have also had 3 children and I'm now on my 4th, so please don't think you're fighting an impossible battle.

    Keep us posted and with the other ladies, sending you massive big hugs and +++ thoughts.

  • Aw, I remember you from last time hun, really hope you get good news at the scan. xxx
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