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how much sleep?

luke is 14 months and sleeps through the night 7-7 then has a nap from 9-11am the another one 1-2.30ish. i know all babies are different but this seems like a lot more than what other children his age have, i think most 1yr olds only have an hour or two in the afternoon.
BUT i enjoy having the time to myself to get things done around the house and if he wants to sleep shouldn't i let him?
does this seem like too much sleep? what do your l/o's do? and do you think he should only be having 1 nap?


  • hi mumto2,24

    My lo is 1 year now and he has 2 hours of sleep during the day, I wont let him have more than that, then he goes to bedbetween 9pm and 10pm then he's up again at 6:30am to 7am. He does wake during the night but only once to come into our bed, once he's in bed he sleeps through.

    I dont really think they can get too much sleep, my niece is the same age as my son and she goes to bed at half 7 and doesn't get up usually until 9 then she has a few hours during the day. I think it depends on the child, if they're not tired they wont sleep.

    Sammi xxx
  • my l/o always slept loads and i would make the most of the time to yourself. either he will reduce nap times him self or what normally happens is he will drop the morning and eventually he wont be going to bed so early so you will need to keep him awake in the afternoon to get him to go to bed ok at night. we didnt need to do this until connor was just over 2 and now he just sleeps 7-7.
  • Hi
    My lo is 16 months and has 1 nap in the morning for about an hour and a half and then he goes to bed at about 7.30pm and slepps though til about 7am.
    He was 13 months when he dropped his afternoon nap. I always thought that when he changed from 2 naps to 1 that he would start to have just 1 nap after lunch but he still seems to need his morning nap and then he's recharged ready for a busy afternoon and he's usually shattered by bedtme.
    I'd make the most of the time you get to yourself and I'm sure your lo will drop a nap when he's good and ready.
    Good luck xxx
  • Millie is 19 months, she normally sleeps for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours after lunch and then goes to bed at 7.30 and sleeps for anything up to 13 hours depending on how busy she has been. If he is happy and sleeping well at night I wouldn't worry, he'll let you know when he is ready to drop one of his naps.
  • hi joseph is 1 nearly and he sleeps 730 - 8pm until the same in the morning. then he goes back down 11am sometimes until 1pm then may have another quicky at 4pm i too enjoy the time to clean get ready for work or just eat! xxx
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