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BFP again??

Ladies i poas this am and last night and got a bfp. The thing is i only recently mc'd and also took a med that can occ. cause a false ppositive(think that was way out of system though).
Has anyone had a mc (had few -ve tests since happened) and fell pg straight away?
Help i'm so early as think i am approx 9-11dpo. I've never been so scared and excited at the same time!!
Filo x


  • just seen this, as replied on the other topic to you first ! what a donkey.

    Each day as it comes my pal had a mc then a +ve the very next month and all went well....keep those +ve vibes flowing I tested +ve at just 3 weeks if that helps at all......

    take care now xx
  • wow at 3 weeks, is there 2 in there? lol
    Filo x
  • keeping my fingers crossed 4 u filo xx
  • I replied in another post but yes I had a mc in December and am now 14+6wks pg.
    I started bleeding with mc on 18th Dec and bled for 3 days. I think I conceived at next OV 14days later. Dr told me that you can often be extremely fertile after a mc, even though they recommend taking a month off ttc it's only to allow cycle to get back to normal.
    Good luck and fingers crossed for you. S x
  • hi
    ive read your posts and i really am keeping my fingers crossed for you.good luck hun.keep me posted x
  • let's see, i had a mc on the 16th Dec, still had positive tests until the 23rd Dec and then got a BFN on a cbd. We started trying again on the 1st Jan and i thought i was pregnant so tested on the 11th Jan and it was a BFN and then the day before i expected my af i got a faint BFP on the 18th Jan, so a week after BFN. I then had a very strong line on the 23rd Jan.

    I hope that made sence.

    Going by my due date of the 29th September and a 28 day cycle i must have conceived on or around the 7th January. So i got my faint BFP 11 days after conception.

    Congratulations hun! xxx

  • Wow Filo you must be super fertile! I really hope it is a BFP.

    I would try waiting at least 1-2 weeks (nightmare I know) for your AF just in case it is a false positive, and then go to your GP for another test! Around that time you might be far enough for an early scan to put ur mind at rest.....

    Good luck!! xxxx

  • OMG - fingers crossed for you honey!

    I really really hope you have cracked it and are going to be coming back to us. Are you going to the docs to check it out? Will keep everything crossed for you

    Love Lee
  • got my fingers crossed for you xx
  • That's fab news! Keeping everything crossed for you really tight!!

    Serena xxxx

  • Hi just thought id post as i was reading your previous posts!
    I can give u some good news i think, this happened to my cousin not that long ago she mc'd then missed her very next period and got a bfp so soon that docs actually thought she had been having twins and just lost 1, they sent her for a scan to confirm this when she went it actually revealed that she had got pregnant straight after her Mc she had a little boy called Jack 5 weeks ago weighing a lovely 8lb 7oz and is totally adorable and perfectly healthy so it can happen fingers crossed for you hope its your positive bfp luv Sophie 36+2 xx

  • hiy filobabe, i mc'd 7th sept and was pg again around 5th november. im now 22 weeks.
    im sure you and lo will be fine, ive got everything crossed for you hun.
    get down to your nearest epu and they'l help you out xxxxxx
  • just adding to my comment
    if you have a d&c its supposed to be easier to get pg as the womb has been cleaned out and is all 'new' in there. thats what my nurse said to me after me telling her im sure im pg again and did the test before my period was actually due and it was a bfp xxx
  • well ladies did a clearblue digital at lunchtime and saw the words pregnant for the first time.
    Don't think this is mc hcg as had several - ve tests after and had ewcm 9-11 days ago. omg hubbie is asleep and what news i'll have when he wakes up.Have had blood test and can ring for results tomorrow.
    Filo x
    Filo x
  • woohoo! that is fab news!

    Well done hun! x
  • Hi my mate mc and fell the very next month she is now approching 6 months so keeping my fingers crossed for you babes!!! xxx
  • Oh wow congratulations!!! Clearblue digital doesn't lie! Be sure to post your bloods results ASAP! xxxxxx

  • oooo! good news!!! still got everything crossed image xxxx
  • Congrats!!! really happy for you, I remember you from the ttc forum, hope everything works out ok for you this time xx
  • Wow Filo! How amazing!

    Hope your bloods show the news we all want for you!

    Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx
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