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hy again another little query for you all...with my daughter i had to have a c section..everything healed fine ..i may have been a bit too active but there u go!! This was July 05
anyway at 13 weeks pregnant i am finding i am getting a stinging sensation along my a load of needles being stabbed there !
i have been putting on loads of moisturiser to try and make the skin more supple but its not helping am going to see a consultant on tuesday so will mention it to her then but i just wondered if ne1 else had this and they could pass over some much needed tips


  • Just to say that I too have odd feeling on my c-section tho its more like stabbing than stinging. Had c-section 13 months ago and 20 weeks pregnant. Am also seeing consultant re mode of delivery but have been told that coz of pain am slightly more likely to have another c-section due to chance of it rupturing. oh the joys! good luck xDBx

  • im only 6wks pregnant and have been getting slight pains across my scar in the last week everytime i sneeze or cough have been a bit worried about this too sorry i have no advice but please will you let me know what your consutant says as im not booked in to see anyone until im 10weeks.

    good luck with your appointment hope everything goes fine

    emma xx
  • I had this too and still sometime do now had my 2nd lo 11wks ago I delivered naturally after previously having a section good luck ladies x x x
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