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ive just bought the firstwheels city twin in black and its really nice - but its HUGE.

when this 1s born my youngest will only just be 18months so i need a double buggy. i love the city twin but when its folded its still pretty big. the house im moving to isnt very big and i dont think im gonna have much room to store it. im gutted!:cry:

does any1 know of any other twin buggies that would be easier for me to store that i could put a newborn in?

elaine xx


  • Hi, Ive got the phil and teds and its great, it also converts to a single pushchair when the older one out grows it.
  • hi there sorry i dnt have a twin buggy so can't speak from experience but i have heard that the phil & ted is good and i have also seen the i candy about lately and that looks a nice size xx
  • hiya im due in 15 days and have hunted for months for the perfect double buggy! i finally found it in babies r us its a side by side and it lies the flatest ive seen a double lie for a newborn. also it folds the smallest iv seen any fold. its ??139.99 it comes with rain cover headhuggers and cozy toes which say double trouble on them. im really impressed with it so hopefully you might find that one right for you x
  • Hi holls85, I have only 3 weeks to go and have also been hunting for the perfect solution for a double buggy. My son will be 22 months but already weighs 15 kgs (2st 6Ibs) and is quite tall. Can I ask how old is your 1st little one and is the buggy big enough for them?
  • hiya debbie. my little girl is just 20months and weighs just over two stone she is also quite tall for her age but she had enough space in this to last ages! and as she still has a sleep in the day its perfect because both sides lie flat! they did say make sure you keep swapping the kids to the other seat so to get even wear out of it. and its at a great price aswell for what you get with it! hope this helps x
  • I am due in June when Millie will be 22 months and after a lot of thought and looking we have gone for the Phil and Ted's. Depends what you want it for though, the Maclaren Techno Double looked really good but I can't fit a side by side double through the gate onto my favourite footpath and I walk alot off road so the small wheels were no good.
  • Hi i have just bought the maclaren techno double push chair, which is suitable from birth (i have a son who will be 22months wen baby is born and i dnt think he's quite ready to be walking everywhere just yet.) To buy from new its quite expensive ??209, however i got myn on e-bay for ??77 (there's loads on there in nearly new condition). It folds up really easily and isnt as bulky as other buggys that ive looked at. I dint want to buy a brand new one coz im not sure its gona get the use as knowing my look my son will never want to go in it, ha ha ha. Gud luk trolley hunting. Kerry xxx

  • hi. i have had all 5 of my kids close so always had a double buggy. the best side by side i have ever had was the graco duo sport - really light and compact. and the best is a tandem. they are a god send, fit through all doors, lovely big basket well padded. i have in the past used graco one but recently i won one off ebay for 40 brand new never used a mother care one. it's great. i did have cosatto twin lunar and wouldn't recommend it to any one, it came with everything you could need but after a few months it was awfull to push. my toddler is 2 and half and is got to heavy for it so the weight wasn't evenly distributed so i have gone back to a
  • ive been told from a few people that the maclaren double buggy is great and know its suitable from newborn xx
  • i have the mama and papa jet pulse which is lovely to push with 2 yr old and baby. my almost 4 yr old somtetimes gets in and it copes with that too. the m and p twin aria is good too and yo can now buy it where a car seat clips on one side fir new baby....think that sounds great!!! I candy one having good reports. you need to go somewhere that you can try them out.
    good luck
  • Hi i've chosen this pram from icandi, i think its great and very vercitile.
    My son will be 22 months when lo is born so i wanted a pram that could convert back to a single once he decides to walk more. This pram folds down quite small, but it is quite expensive. I've paid around ??650 in total but this includes the car seat, car adapter, footmuffs and all the matching accessories.
  • The best place to go to try out lots of different types of buggys is Kiddicare. There is a massive new one opening on the 14th April in Peterborough, it will have 3 floors.
    And all their stuff is cheaper than mothercare, toys r us etc. Not sure if they have other stores need to check online.
  • thanx ladies.
    i think the only store is in peterborough. the phil and ted 1 looks good but i would prefer a side by side 1.

    i like the we2 ones, has any1 had 1 of these?

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