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5 Weeks Pregnant!!!

I just found out yeaterday that I'm 5 weeks pregnant after 2 years of trying and struggling with endometriosis. I have been experiencing the "period-like" cramps that I've been told are normal. However, today my stomache feels really heavy and sore! I went to the doctor this morning before this happened and she said it all looks fine.

Why do I feel so sensative???? Im so paranoid something is going to go wrong!!!

:\? :\(


  • Aww, hun, it's natural to worry after all the problems you've had, but I'm sure everything is fine. I felt really achy and sore at about that time and with it being my first, I didn't know what to expect. when I told the doctor he sent me to hospital to get checked out, but it all turned out to be nothing- just the uterus stretching and things adjusting. I'm sure it is the same for you.
    Congratulations on the pregnancy!!
  • Welcome to the world of pregnancy. You will worry about everything from now on, I promise you, ha ha!! But it's all good. Congratulations on your BFP. I hope you sail through the next 8 months! xxxx

  • A massive congrats to you. I had cramps at the start but the mw said it was normal and l still get a twinge when my period should be here but its not painful, Try and not worry l know easier said than done take care xx

  • The first 12wks of pregnancy are wen ur body is adjusting the most not just in shape but with ur hormones as well. So ull prob find that ull feel quite emotional and physically drained and achy for a few weeks. For me this didnt go and now at nearly 28wks im really feeling the physically side of things and baby is taking up any available space. Congrats on ur pregnancy and try to relax and enjoy it. xxx
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